Strange Personal Training and Bootcamp Business Marketing Tactics

I am back with another exercise and injury interview for you, and today it focuses on the business side of fitness.

A big thing that has changed over the last few years is how much I focus on business.

When I started in fitness, way back in 1994, I focused on the techniques related to fitness.  I did this for about ten years.  Then in 2004, I started to spend more and more time studying, meeting business people, and implementing what I had learned about when it comes to business.  This has been one of the keys that have helped me reach more people, help more people and help my business grow.  One person that has helped me is Bedros Keuilian.

I interviewed Bedros for you, and we specifically talked about marketing tactics for personal trainers and Bootcamp owners.

Fitness professionals are business coaches if you don’t know who Bedros Keuilian is.  In the interview, he gives a lot of great info bombs to help fitness professionals.


CLICK HERE to listen to Bedros Keuilian on Strange Personal Training and Bootcamp Business Marketing Tactics.

Personal Training and Bootcamp

What Bedros Keuilian Goes through in the Interview on Personal Training and Bootcamp Marketing

  • Why is it so important for a fitness professional to invest in understanding business and learn about marketing
  • Selling is a skill and not a gift.
  • Common mistakes that personal trainers and Bootcamp instructors make when marketing
  • What makes Jillian Michaels so much better than other trainers (it isn’t her certifications)
  • What are the keys to your marketing material (3 things you must have)
  • Importance of getting before and after pictures of your clients
  • The importance of not being a generalist
  • Why the future of fitness is in being a specialist
  • How can you specialize in several niches
  • The number one thing you need a tutor to get your clients to take action
  • Why cutting your prices is a big mistake.
  • The two future trends when it comes to personal training and Bootcamp marketing (the excellent stuff)
  • Who is Bedros Keulian

Here is Bedros and me in Las Vegas at a closed-door fitness meeting:

Personal Training and Bootcamp

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If you are looking for some marketing tools, here are some:

Click here for a video presentation that I put together when it comes to using social media to get medical referrals:Personal Training and Bootcamp

Or you can click here for a video presentation that I put together when it comes to using social media to get more personal training for clients:

If you have any business tips for fitness and health professionals, please share them below in the comment area.

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Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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