Fitness Education Failure

Fitness Education Failure

In September, I had three great presentations at the BCRPA Fitness Conference.

The feedback was amazing.

BCRPA Fitness Conference Presentation on Shoulder Injuries and Exercises:


==> CLICK HERE for the presentation on Shoulder Pain

After the BCRPA fitness presentation, I was off to the USA to present.  The second time I have presented in the USA.

Presenting in Las Vegas (So, cool!)


Last weekend, I was in Las Vegas.  I gave my best non-fitness education presentation of my life.

I had shared my story on how I started blogging on the internet and how I have started helping people around the world with my books on over come injuries.

The feedback for my presentation in Las Vegas was insane.

I had all kinds of posts to my Facebook Page.

I don’t look for these kind words but I do put a lot of time, work, energy, visualization and thought into all of my presentation.  Some would say a crazy amount of work.

It makes me so happy people enjoyed it, were entertained and learned a few things.

The nice things is when it is not a rehab or science-y presentation, I am able to really let the full Rick out ,which is fun.

After the high of the weekend, I got this:

A conference rejection letter.

When you get these, they string.

You think after 10 years of presenting, doing over 250 fitness education presentations to well over 5000 fitness professionals, you would have done your road work to get into most conferences but I guess this is not enough for some.

When you get this high and then this low, you start asking yourself:

Do I Do a Good Job Presenting? (What do you think?)


or do I believe this:

I am a Fitness Presenter Reject?


Oh ya, that was the second reject letter I got from NSCA this week.  Yes, two rejection letters from NSCA, ugh.

What do you think?

Am I an good presenter or a presentation reject?

Let me know in the comment area.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – If you want to see me present, you can check out my fitness education presentations or if you do not, you can go to the NSCA conference.