Frozen Shoulder Exercises

Frozen Shoulder Exercises

I was at a conference a few weeks back, chatting with a fitness professional who had a client with a frozen shoulder in both arms.

She asked my opinion on what to do with this client.

She was looking for safe exercises that she could do.

I wanted to share the answer I gave her with you.

3 Exercises to Remember if You Have Frozen Shoulder

You can also go here to see the video:

Let’s sum up what I went through in the video.

3 Exercises to Remember if You Have Frozen Shoulder

#1 – Scapular Exercises

I would make sure to do some scapular exercises.

Various exercises target the shoulder blade, ensuring I hit all the main movements of the shoulder blade. For example, elevation (up), depression (down), protraction (away from the spine), and retraction (toward the spine).

You can begin with the just movement of the scapula and then progress to resistance with body weight or resistive tubing.

#2 – Rotator Cuff Exercises

For many with a frozen shoulder, the range of motion or movement is poor in the shoulder, but you still want to work on the rotator cuff muscles to maintain activation and strength in the rotator cuff.

#3 – Isometrics of the Shoulder

Work on isometrics of the shoulder in the range of motion that you can do pain-free.

I hope this helps.

A guide that I recommend to clients that are not able to meet up with me is this one by a physical therapist, Brian Schiff:

The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide

Rick Kaselj, MS

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