The Biggest Bench Press Mistake

The Biggest Bench Press Mistake

I was flipping through my phone gallery then I found this very funny photo that I took when the family went on a road trip and drove through Armstrong in British Columbia.

This still cracks me up:

good times in armstrong

Today, I will be sharing an interview I had with Tim Ross as we talked about the most common mistakes that people do when doing bench presses.

If you do any type of push-up exercise, this interview will help you out as well.

Enjoy the interview.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video interview.

In the interview above, you will discover:

  • Who is Tim Ross?
  • Why the bench press is important?
  • Pros and cons of using bench press machines
  • The biggest bench press mistake
  • How to spot a bad bench press setup and what to do to fix it
  • How should a bench press beginner gauge what weight with which to begin
  • 2 ways to bench press safely without a spotter

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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