Unsuccessful Lumbar Fusion Surgery

I received a Facebook message and thought I would share with you my reply.

Here you go:

Hi, my name is TB and I was doing some research on the internet with regard to exercise after surgery.

My husband had a L5 fusion 4 yrs ago and has been on pain management since. We are desperately seeking ways to give him relief.

He is only 37 and we have 4 children, yet he is unable to live his daily life due to his back pain.

The information I found in regards to your work was geared toward Medical Professionals.

Do you have information that we can access and hopefully put to good work?

Thank you so much for any time that you may spend on this, we are pretty desperate.



My heart aches when I hear stories like this.

I understand how it is to be in pain and to wonder if you will ever be able to do the things you love or even be able to play with your kids.

All I can say is – you never should give up.  Keep searching for an answer and keep moving.

It is my passion to help educate fitness professionals and clients to use exercise to help overcome their injuries.

One of those injuries is lumbar fusion.

Let me get to TB’s specific questions:

Will the Lumbar Fusion Exercise Program Help Those Recovering from Lumbar Fusion?

Yes, it will.

I initially created The Lumbar Fusion Exercise Program to help fitness professionals, but I have received feedback from those recovering from lumbar fusion that they have used the program to help themselves recover from their lumbar fusion.

#1 – Video Presentation

In the lumbar fusion exercise video program, I go explain what lumbar fusion is, a few of the causes, things you need to do to recover from a lumbar fusion, and outline an exercise program that you can do at your local gym or fitness centre to help you recover.

#2 – Copy of the Exercises

I also give you a copy of the presentation, with pictures of the exercises that you should be doing..

I recommend bringing the list of exercises to the gym or community centre and ask one of the staff to help you out ,even though I explain everything in detail in the presentation.

Feel free to bring the program to you surgeon, doctor, or physical therapist in order to get their feedback.

#3 – I am Here to Help

Plus, you can alway send me an email and I certainly try to help you out.

#4 – Here is Your Money Back

Lastly, if it is not what you want or does not help you, I will give you your money back.

I am here to help people and have been doing so since 1994.

Before I wrap up.  I just want to say that this program is not a quick fix.  You need to be able to dedicate time to exercise 3 times a week for 12 weeks.  That is 36 sessions.  The exercise program helps and it works, but not unless you do it as outlined.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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