Hockey Training Blunders with Chris Collins

Hockey Training Blunders with Chris Collins

Hockey is a fast-paced sport that requires peak physical performance and mental acuity. As such, players need to have their wits about them at all times and not make avoidable mistakes. Unfortunately, some hockey players tend to make the same blunders again and again, which can limit their development as a player. Here’s an interview on some common hockey training blunders, along with on how you can avoid falling into these traps.

I was fortunate to enjoy a Vancouver Canucks game last night

They played the Montreal Canadiens, which is even better!

The result was not what I had hoped for, but it was a great game, and those Montreal fans are crazy.  Montreal won, and the fans celebrated like they had won the Stanley Cup.

Continuing with the hockey theme, let’s talk about returning to playing hockey after a hockey injury.

I interviewed another expert in the fitness industry.

In this interview, I talked with Chris Collins.

He is a strength coach from Kelowna, BC, with a strong focus on hockey training.

Hockey Training Blunders

In the interview with Chris, he shares with you:

  • A story about one of his injured hockey players
  • A hockey player may have clearance to return to play, but something could still be wrong
  • Is it mental or physical slowing down a total return to hockey?
  • Assessments to look at to see if it is physical
  • Looking at the planes of movement as they relate to a return to hockey

Thank you, Chris.

Enjoy, and I will talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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