Hip Pain and Pinching to Ice Hockey Goalies

Hip Pain and Pinching Experienced by Ice Hockey Goalies

As a hockey goalie, you have to deal with the fast-moving puck as well as high-flying pucks from the opposing team. You also need to be in peak physical shape to make that split-second diving saves without injuring yourself. In addition to conditioning and training your body for those quick reaction times, you can take some preventive measures when it comes to hip pain and pinching while playing goalie. This article will explain how these conditions may impact your game and how you can best prevent them from happening again.

Continuing on with the ice hockey theme. I know this will help others in addition to ice hockey players.

It is an interview with Maria Mountain on hip pain and pinching in ice hockey goalies, but I feel it applies to all people with hip pain and pinching.

Have a look or listen.

What to Do About Hip Pain and Hip Pinching In Ice Hockey Goalies?

Hip Pain and Pinching in Ice Hockey Goalies

What Maria covers when it comes to Goalies with Hip Pain and Pinching:

  • A screen to use to see if you need to get your hip(s) looked at
  • Why hip pinching in the hip should not be ignored
  • Two reasons why you may have hip pinching
  • The person you should see if you have hip pinching
  • If you are doing squats, what stance do you need to take if you have hip pinching
  • Pinching could be caused by your boney anatomy or tightness in the structures in your hip joint

Before I go – here is another quick interview that I did with Maria on a common hockey goalie training mistake a few months back.

Common Hockey Goalie Training Mistake

Goalie Training Mistakes

That’s it for today – I hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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