Using Core Exercises to Rehab Your Diaphragm?

Using Core Exercises to Rehab Your Diaphragm

In the fitness world, a fad or trend usually pops up in one way or another. The most recent tendency to appear is the idea of “core exercises” and how they help with your posture, balance, and strength. However, when it comes to strengthening your diaphragm, many people are misinformed on how to do so. So what exactly is the diaphragm? It’s part of the respiratory system. It’s located under your ribs and above your stomach. The diaphragm helps you take in air as you breathe in and pushes out air as you exhale. Keep reading to learn more about using core exercises to rehab your diaphragm!

Using Core Exercises to Rehab Your Diaphragm?

An interesting study that looked into seven core exercises. They put each of the seven into three categories of transdiaphragmatic pressure to create a continuum of activities to improve diaphragm strength and endurance. Very cool

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Adding Balance Training  for a Total Knee Replacement Client is a Good Thing

When balance training was added to a supervised six-week functional training program, there was an improvement in gait speed, single-leg stance time, and stiffness compared to not doing balance training.

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Does Strengthening the Hip Abductors Decrease Osteoarthritis Knee Pain?

The researchers believed that weak hip abductors could result in poor frontal plane pelvic control during walking, which may lead to a more significant load on the medial side of the knee in those with osteoarthritis.

They looked at how an eight-week home strengthening program for the hip abductors could improve knee force and pain.

They found no decrease in the force to the medial part of the knee, but osteoarthritis clients reported a reduction in knee pain.

The take-home message is to add hip abduction exercises to your clients with knee osteoarthritis.

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