What People Have Asked For

I have read the comments and emails. This is what people have asked for.

But first, I want to thank everyone that took the time to comment on the blog post ( What Do You Want From Me ).

#1 – Client Case Study

I have an idea for you: What if you had people blog in about problems they are having and you answer them like you do with your journal reviews. Perhaps you thought of this already and you would certainly have to put a limit on how many you answer, like three as you do for the journals.

For example:

I have a client that golfs. He had a left shoulder injury from a fall years ago. This year he fell off his bike and was experiencing impingement. After osteopathic treatment, and yoga to aid in ROM and keeping asymmetries in check, he is experiencing deep right hip pain upon leg extension. I gave him the glute medius exercise, no change. We are working on keeping the left scapula from winging. I did the shoulder test you mentioned from Eric Beard and he has limited internal rotation of the left shoulder. We did the thoracic mobility exercise.

As a golfer he has increased rotation to the right vs left. I am stuck as to why he is getting recurring right hip pain (particularly after lots of walking or lots of sitting) and suspect a glute max imbalance. Unsure how to fix it, I do not understand what is causing it. I have given him foam roller exercises with right leg crossed over left and rolling on the right butt cheek, and pigeon pose to stretch it this week, not sure how to strengthen it.


I like the idea.

I think it is excellent. What do you think of this:

When I teach my courses/seminars live, I know the registrants enjoy the fact that they can ask me questions relating to their clients and themselves. Great idea on answering client case studies.

#2 – Recorded Seminars

With this little blog, it has been able to help people from around the world.

Just last week, I was talking on the phone with a personal trainer from Trinidad Tobago.

How cool is that?

He has been using the stuff he learned in Muscle Imbalances Revealed and Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program for himself and his athletes.

I got it, more recorded seminars.

#3 – Specific Injuries

I know, injuries are big things.

I am so glad I heard from you all about the kind of injuries you would like me to write about.

People asked about these injuries:

  • elbow injuries (more than just tennis elbow), including wrist and forearm pain
  • ankle injuries
  • shin splints
  • acute injury recovery tips
  • chronic pain injury tips
  • dealing with pain at the back of the knee when walking

Let me know if you want me to work on any others.

#4 – Sitting and Computer Issues

I do a lot of computer work and have tricks that I use to deal with it.

This is a big issue. I will work on this one.

#5 – In-depth Posts

I have been writing for about six years now.

I have found that a lot of the in-depth stuff, people just don’t read.

If I do something more in-depth, I frequently put it into a book like this:

I will work on some more in-depth stuff.

#6 – Strengthening the Spine and Neck

Exercises for strengthening the spine and neck.

This is a good idea. I was reading an article that had some great exercises in it.

Thank you so much for all your feedback. I will work on this for 2011.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Jumper’s Knee Solution