What to do if You Get Wrist Pain from Bench Pressing

Hey this is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com. I got a question that ended up coming through customer support, “What to do if you get wrist pain when bench pressing”.

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There are three things that I recommend that you do. The first is starting off with some wrist mobility exercises and I will get Orsy to demonstrate the three of them.

Start off with circles or wrist circles.

#1 – Wrist Circles

Begin with small circles and moving to larger circles, going clockwise and counter clockwise with the mobility exercises  in the wrist. Do this 5 times in each direction.

Wrist CirclesWrist Circles

The second mobility exercise is going through flexion extensions.

#2 – Flexion & Extensions

Moving forward and back with the wrist. Extension or wrist back is the position that the bench press ends up putting the wrist in. Do this 5 times in each direction.

Flection ExtensionsFlexion Extensions

#3 – Up & Down Wrist Movement

The third one ends up being just moving that wrist up (radial deviation) and down (ulnar deviation). Do this for 5 repetitions.

Up & Down Wrist Movements

Up & Down Wrist Movements

With these 3 movements, we have loosened up that wrist and all the ranges of motion, now the wrist can move into a better position when doing the bench press.

The second thing that you can do is stretch out the forearms, I do two different stretches when it comes to the forearms.

#4 – Forearm Stretch

The arm is straight, then bring the wrist back, you are stretching out the forearm area. When it comes to stretching, I end up doing a 20 second hold and going through it twice and looking for a light stretch.

Forearm Stretch

Forearm Stretch

#5 – Bent Arm Stretch

For the next stretch, bend your arm at the elbow and then bring the wrist back and stretch out the forearm. I find it targets the forearm muscles differently with the elbow straight than with that elbow bent.

Bent Arm Stretch

#6 – Swap Out the Bar

The third thing that you can do with wrist pain and the bench press, is swapping out the regular bench press with the bar and swapping it out with a dumb bell bench press. The dumb bells allows your wrist to move into a better position which is less stressful on the wrist.

There you go! If you get wrist pain when doing the bench press give those three things a go. Work on the mobility in the wrist, work on stretching out the forearms and swap out the regular bar bench press with a dumb bell bench press.

This is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com, saying take care and bye.

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Rick Kaselj, MS