2 Reasons Why Your Tight Hamstrings Causes Back Pain

Hey, I was looking back at some of the YouTube videos that I’ve done. I came across a video about hamstrings and back pain where I answered a great question from an Exercise For Injuries loyal subscriber. So, I dug it up and am sharing it with you today.

If you have tight hamstrings, check out the article and video below. Plus, watch out for new YouTube videos as I am heading off to film more videos for you.


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I got Orsy to demonstrate.

Your tight hamstrings cause you back pain in two different ways.

#1 – Changes in the Position of the Pelvis and Back When Standing

Changes the position of the pelvis and the back

Normally, when you are standing, your pelvis and back should be in their normal positions. If you have tight hamstrings, the muscles will shorten,  changing the position of the pelvis and the back. The curve in the back is normal. Whenever we lose that curve, it puts unnecessary stress on the spine, which increases the risk of irritation, pain, and injury. We have to loosen up the hamstrings so the spine or lower back will be in a normal curve position.

#2 – Pelvis Is Tucked and Back Flattens Out During Squats

Pelvis tucked and back rounded out during squat

When you are in a squatting movement, tight hamstrings will pull your pelvis and change the position of your lower back. You will find it difficult to do the movement. If your hamstring is tight, the pelvis is tilted back (tucked). The tightness will move your pelvis back and flatten out your back. The flattening out of your back increases the risk of irritation, injury and pain. We have to work on loosening up the hamstrings and lengthening the muscles.

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Rick Kaselj, MS