3 Effective and Simple Upper Body Stretches

Continuing the celebration of B.C. Day, our family and friends headed to the lake to enjoy the water and the sun.


After I share yesterday’s workout, here are some upper body stretches that you can do before or after your workout from my friend, Isaac Payne.


~ Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey, I’m Isaac Payne from Pure Payne Strength and Conditioning.

Upper Body Stretches

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Today, I will show you three simple and effective upper body stretches that you can do before or after your workout.

#1 – Lats Stretch

Lats Stretch

 Lats Stretch

All you will need is a band, like a pull up band or some sort of exercise band, for resistance. Tie it above the height of your body, anywhere from 6 to 8 feet. The first stretch will be for the lats and for the back. Grab the band, put your hand through the band, and then hold onto it. Step back so that you will have some tension. Then turn your palm up and just lean into it. You will feel the stretch right to the lats and the lower back, and even into the tricep a little bit. You can play around with the angles a little bit to get a deeper stretch and hit various angles of the muscle. Hold this position for about 45 seconds to a minute.

#2 – Triceps Stretch

Tricep Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Keep the band basically at the same height, same principle. Put your hand through the band. Grab the band and then bend the elbow. Step forward; another step with the same foot stretching right through. You can step through the opposite foot to create a little bit of leverage. Hold this position for about 45 seconds to 60 seconds on each side.

#3 – Shoulder Stretch

Pec and Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

This stretch is for the front of the shoulder and the pecs. Hold the band and turn the palm up, extend the arm, step out and then turn your body, open up. You can feel the stretch right across the pec and the front of the deltoid muscle. Hold this position for about 45 seconds to 60 seconds.

There you go guys! These are really quick and simple stretches for the lats, tricep, pec and shoulder that you can do before and after your workout, to keep everything mobile and loose as well as help with the recovery.

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Hope you like this video. Until next time!

Isaac Payne