6 Tips to Stop Knee Pain From Squatting

6 Tips to Stop Knee Pain from Squatting

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For today, I have an article and video for you on a few steps to help relieve knee pain. Feel free to share this with your family, friends and colleagues who are suffering from knee pain.


~ Rick

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I had Donnalee demonstrate.

How to Squat Without Knee Pain in 6 Steps

  1. Place your feet a little wider apart. Often, people have their toes point straight ahead or have their feet too close together, which causes a lot of stress on the knees.
  2. Squat with the toes out. This will overcome the tightness or lack of mobility that can be felt in the hip area.
  3. Put your weight on the midfoot or heel. Standing on your toes while squatting puts more stress on the knees. Balance your weight across your midfoot or heel.
  4. Focus on your hamstrings and glutes. Focus more on the glutes and hamstrings exercise rather than the quad exercise.
  5. Keep your shins vertical. This puts less stress on the knee joints and allows you to focus on the glutes and hamstrings.
  6. Squat down until your hips are below your knees. This will enable you to allow your hamstrings and glutes to help you get out of that bottom position.

Give those tips a go and learn how to squat without knee pain.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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