5 Rules To Buying Meat

5 Rules To Buying Meat with Chad Howse

Learn why testosterone levels are crucial in improving men’s health and fitness with this interview with Chad Howse that I wanted to share with you. The five rules to buying meat. Enjoy watching!

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In the above interview, you will also discover:

  • Things that negatively affect men’s health
  • “The Five Rules To Buying Meat”
  • Top five things men can do to improve their health

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Rick Kaselj, MS

If you cannot watch the above interview video, you can check out the transcript below.

Hey! This is Rick Kaselj from exercisesforinjuries.com. Today I have another interview for you, targeted more at men. And the person that I’m interviewing is Chad. I’ll get Chad to introduce himself, and then we’ll get into the interview.

My name is Chad Howse. I’ve known Rick for a while. We both used to live in the same town. Then we both moved. My whole mission has been to help guys with diet and training for the past five years now. And one thing I noticed with diets is that women are 80% of the market, so almost 100% of the diets out there target women more than they do men. Guys need different nutrients and vitamins to be optimal, mainly because we have different hormonal makeup. I started digging into testosterone and how it’s so important for guys.

What is Men’s Health?

One component is a men’s focused diet, or where should men kind of focus when it comes to diet when it comes to what they eat? Now maybe we’ll take a step back. What is men’s health? What are the things, groups, and categories that men should think of and focus on for their optimal health?

There’s the performance aspect, the strength training, the endurance. Nutrition can cover physique, obesity, heart disease, and cancers. But then there’s also the mental health aspect, and I think you can’t focus completely on focus on the physical without also covering the mental. So many of these things tie very closely together that you help one, you help the other. Especially with the stats on male depression, and suicide, all these things are important issues. When you take care of the physical, you’re going to take care of the mental as well.

grilled meat and vegetables_Buying Meat

What is the Negative Effect on Men’s Health?

Awesome. Looking at things, what are some things that can negatively affect a man’s health?

There’s so much. Sitting, we sit a lot; we should be standing. But sitting, we’ve got an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and that’s seeing obesity rise. We’ve also got fads like low-fat diets that negatively impact men because we get our testosterone from fat. High testosterone levels show decreased likelihood of depression, heart disease, cancers, and obesity. You can push it to other areas like stress. Too much stress negatively affects men’s health, and different things in our environment also affect men’s health.

Greatest Effect

Many things can affect you, but if you could focus on one, what is the one thing that has the greatest effect on men’s health?

One or two, let’s do two. Sedentary lifestyle, for sure. That’s a huge thing where men aren’t active enough, not walking enough, not moving enough. We’re supposed to be very active human beings. And then diet, guys just eating the wrong foods. One part of a female-focused diet is that they’re pretty much crash diets, and guys don’t stick to crash diets. We don’t see them through. We do them for a couple of days, and then we’re off eating burgers. The balance would be to find ways to eat that are healthy for you but that you can sustain for the rest of your life. So, a sedentary lifestyle and eating the right food 24/7, 365 (days), obviously with beers here and there, whatever you want to lighten the load. Those two things.

Top 5 Things to Improve Health

What are the top 5 things men can do to improve their health?

Focus on habits. Things that you can do every day. Get in the habit of being active for an hour a day. So that can be the gym, walking, running, or whatever you want. Work on one meal a day. I focus on a morning routine where I take Vitamin D, which is important for testosterone and mental health, especially in winter. Cold showers are great for men for testosterone levels, not eating too many sugars and fried foods, eat more naturally. Drinking more water, 3 to 4 liters of water a day, and just eating the right foods, eating whole foods and vegetables. Vegetables are incredibly important if we take care of little things that cover many bases.

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The Man’s Diet

Awesome. I was reading your “The Man’s Diet” book and one section that caught my eye was 5 Rules for Meat. If you can share those five rules, I thought they were really interesting. Most guys I know enjoy eating beef, and you have five rules for selecting the best beef for yourself. Maybe you can share those.

Yes. The thing with meat is that meat’s gotten a bad name because all of these studies showed that meat causes cancer. But if you look at the studies, it’s processed meats that raised the likelihood of cancer by 6%, which is very little. But we’re not talking about processed meats.

Meats on Testosterone Level

Meats are very important for guys because every study was done on testosterone levels for vegetarians versus meat eaters, meat eaters. Because of the Omega 3s, even the saturated and polyunsaturated fats you get from meats. They help guys create optimal testosterone levels. And testosterone helps you burn more fat, build more muscle, and improve mental health. This helps you fight those diseases we talked about earlier. Meat is important. But then, when you go to meat, not all meat is created equal.

So I always say the wild game is the most important thing you could fill your diet with. So if you know a hunter or if you are a hunter, become buddies with a hunter. Because of the wild game, that’s how the animal is supposed to be. They’re supposed to be wild, and they’re supposed to be out here.

You know what they’re eating and eating things they’re supposed to eat. A lot of the big slaughterhouse meats that we have they’re fed just a lot of bad stuff. They’re fed with antibiotics and hormones to puff them up. So definitely going wild game more than anything.

Rules in Buying Meat

Also, we’re talking beef, I live in Calgary, and grass-fed cattle surround us. All the cattle here are grass-fed. So if you can get grass-fed cattle, that’s very important because slaughterhouse cattle are not the best. The stuff they eat is not very good, and they’re stuck in a cage for most of their lives, not the greatest meat in the world.

The next is that eggs are incredibly important. They’re great for testosterone levels; they have great fats, proteins, and lots of nutrients. But normal eggs versus free-range eggs where the chickens are out and around. Doing their thing, plopping eggs out, a person takes the eggs. Sooner or later, they’re on your plate and in your frying pan. Free-range eggs are very important.

And then farm fish versus wild fish. You can see the difference between the farm and wild fish side-by-side. It’s a very different kind of muscle and a healthier fish when it’s wild. So if you can get wild salmon versus farm salmon, for instance, salmon’s a great fish to eat. Always go wild.

And then last, the last rule for meat is to eat more vegetables. We all like eating steaks and that kind of thing, but there isn’t a meat diet. You can’t just have a meat diet. You have to have vegetables. While meat might boost your testosterone, you need vegetables. And you almost need to eat more vegetables so you can eat more of these healthy meats. So, with every meal, have vegetables.

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