BEST Interviews of 2014

BEST Interviews of 2014

Here at EFI, we have been lucky enough to meet with many leaders in the health and wellness industry in order to share their expertise with you. Below we have compiled a list of our favorite interviews of the past year. In case you missed them, here are the Top 10 BEST Interviews of 2014:

#10 – How To Workout At A High Intensity & Stay Injury-free with Tyler Bramlett

#9 – How Food Slows Down Your Injury and Pain Recovery with Anthony DiClementi

#8 – Tips to Surviving the Holiday Sugar Crash with Catherine Gordon

#7 – Jim Kielbaso on When Not to do Corrective Exercises

#6 – 5 Ingredients You Need To Throw Out of Your Kitchen with Diana Keulian

#5 – How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health with Yuri Elkaim

#4 – Common Mistakes When Trying to Improve Hip Flexibility with Eric Wong

#3 – Avoiding Common Core Training Mistakes with Tyler Bramlett

#2 – Worst Exercise for Aging with Shawna Kaminski

#1 – 10 Commandments to Ruthless Mobility with Dean Somerset

I hope you enjoyed these interviews as much as our team did. It is always helpful to talk to other experts in the health and wellness industry to gain their insights into healthy living. If you know of an industry leader that you feel would make for a helpful interview, please be sure to let us know.