BEST Interviews of 2014

BEST Interviews of 2014

It’s been our pleasure to learn from so many experts in the health and wellness field. Here is a list of our favorite interviews from the past year. In case you missed them, here are the Top 10 BEST Interviews of 2014:

10. How To Workout At A High Intensity & Stay Injury-free with Tyler Bramlett

High-intensity exercise can be a risky business. People new to HIIT-style workouts frequently sustain injuries from their efforts, such as muscle strains and sprains. The good news is that there are strategies for increasing exercise intensity while reducing injury risk. Everything you need to know about exercising at a high level safely and effectively is covered in this blog post.

9. How Food Slows Down Your Injury and Pain Recovery with Anthony DiClementi

Knowing what to do while recovering from a muscle strain, joint pain, or another injury can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a great deal of information and studies on injury recovery. We’ll offer some of our best advice for promoting a quicker and more effective recovery in this blog.

8. Tips to Surviving the Holiday Sugar Crash with Catherine Gordon

Even the most disciplined people can succumb to holiday stress and end up with a red nose, swollen from overeating, and fatigue. This often leads to a “sugar crash” where you feel sluggish and lethargic.

Catherine Gordon is a nutritionist who works with individuals to improve their health through customized eating plans that focus on their specific needs. Her specialty is sports and performance, helping athletes perform better, recover faster, and prevent injuries. Get some tips on staying healthy over the holidays from an expert like her.

7. Jim Kielbaso on When Not to do Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises are a big part of many personal trainers’ programs. And for a good reason. If you’ve ever worked with someone with a previous shoulder, back, or knee injury, you know that corrective exercises can help them work through the pain and continue to train without re-injuring themselves.

However, just because something is helpful doesn’t mean it should always be done. This article will look at when not to use corrective exercises and why.

6. 5 Ingredients You Need To Throw Out of Your Kitchen with Diana Keulian

We all have that one cabinet in our kitchen that is super ugly and left with random leftovers from the past. That being said, your kitchen will look even better when you get rid of those old things.

What about a cleaning spree of your pantry? Check out these five ingredients you should throw out of your kitchen ASAP to clean up your diet and make more room for fresh and healthy foods.

5. How The Acidity of Your Blood Affects Your Health with Yuri Elkaim

Acidity is an important measurement of your blood. It measures how acidic or basic your blood is and determines how much acid is in your blood. Your blood naturally has a slightly acidic pH balance to help you stay healthy. Too much acid in your blood can be dangerous and cause serious health problems. This article will look at the effects of high and low acidaemia, what causes them, and different ways to improve them.

4. Common Mistakes When Trying to Improve Hip Flexibility with Eric Wong

The hip is a complex joint, with numerous muscles crossing it and affecting its mobility. It isn’t easy to increase hip flexibility because of this. It takes careful observation and knowledge of your body’s limitations in each posture to increase hip mobility. In light of this, we’ll discuss several frequent errors people make when attempting to increase hip flexibility in this post. With these suggestions, you may maximize the benefits of your stretching regimen.

3. Avoiding Common Core Training Mistakes with Tyler Bramlett

Becoming an effective trainer requires practice, patience, and persistence. These character traits are often tested when learning a completely new set of skills or methods. The road to becoming a successful trainer can be long and challenging; however, trainers often fall into a few common pitfalls when first learning new techniques. If you’re interested in how you can avoid these mistakes, read on!

2. Worst Exercise for Aging with Shawna Kaminski

Unfortunately, growing less mobile as we age is a natural part of life. You need not stop moving, however, because of this! No matter your age, staying active is achievable with the right attitude and exercise routine. Or so we believe. Exercises vary greatly from one another. To maintain your health as you age, this article lists the top 5 exercises that are the worst for aging.

1. 10 Commandments to Ruthless Mobility with Dean Somerset

Mobility is the ability to move from point A to point B. In an age of digital transformation, mobility has become a key source of competitive advantage for enterprises. You need a ruthless mobility strategy to win the game and leave your competitors in the dust.

In this blog post, we’ll explore ten commandments to adopt a mobile-centric operational model focusing on mobility ruthlessly.

Speaking with other health and wellness professionals about healthy living was a pleasure. It’s always beneficial to gain a variety of perspectives on the subject. Please let us know if you know someone who would make for an interesting interview.

I hope you enjoyed these interviews as much as our team did. It is always helpful to talk to other experts in the health and wellness industry to gain their insights into healthy living. If you know of an industry leader that you feel would make for a helpful interview, please be sure to let us know.

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