Brain Injury Success Story

Today I have a brain injury success story.

It is with Jenna Phillips.

It is a fantastic story about how the party of the year became her nightmare – but that night changed her life and led her on a fitness mission.

In the interview, Jenna Phillips shares with you:

  • Her mission of overcoming obstacles
  • What Mission Possible is
  • How she got into fitness
  • How the party of the year turned into a nightmare
  • What she did to overcome her loss of vocabulary, sense of direction, sense of time, short-term memory, and ability to put words into sentences
  • Her rehabilitation process
  • How her accident led to her finding out she had type 1 diabetes
  • What she did when the doctors were not that helpful in her recovery
  • How exercise helped her mind and body
  • How she created her exercise rehabilitation program to help overcome her injury
  • The importance of attitude when it comes to recovery
  • The length of time it took her to do things on her own finally
  • Importance of travel in the healing process
  • Know what her mission is
  • Her advice to those who have a considerable injury to overcome

I met Jenna at a conference.  I heard her talk about her story and knew I needed to interview her.

Make sure to check out Jenna Phillips and her Mission Possible.

If you have a story or know of someone who has overcome an injury, I would love to hear from you, and you could also have them contact me.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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