Highlights of Training a Client with a Concussion

Highlights of Training a Client with a Concussion

I saw my concussion client again today.

( This is a follow up on the blog post:  4 Tips to Training a Client with a Concussion )

I got to give him huge credit.

He was not pushed or forced to come see me.  He took the initiative to start exercising as he has been sitting at home for months.  He started feeling the weight packing on and he new he needed to get moving in order to get better.

What a champion!

5 Highlights of Training a Client with a Concussion

1)  Progressing His Program

During our first session, I just got him to do one set of each exercise at about 40% 1RM.  I let him  know that he needed to watch his symptoms and he needed to watch how he felt during, after and then next day.  I gave him the guidelines, if he felt fine the next day, to progress one set per exercise, the next time he was in.

He did great.  He increased to two set but stopped there as he began to feel his symptoms when he did more than that.

2)  Cardiovascular Exercises

He had been doing more around the house so we shifted his cardiovascular program.  We cut out the upright bicycle and did more weights.

Plus he has the greatest difficulty with cardiovascular exercise bringing on his symptoms so we took it out for right now as he is doing more activity at home.

3)  Neurologist Appointment

He is off to see the neurologist.  It will be interesting to see what he has to say.  I am sure neurologist will be happy that he has taken the initiative to start an exercise program and that he has an accurate measure of tolerance because of the exercise program.

4)  Stretching

We expanded his program by adding some stretching.  I did a quick muscular imbalance assessment and it put me in the right direction on what stretches to give him.  He can do these at home to work on decreasing the stress on his knee, back and neck.

5)  Core Exercises

He is not at a Core Stability for the Rehab client level.  He is more at a level of Core Stability for the Lower Back.  I gave him a few exercises in the health level of core stability exercises that he can do at home that will address all three planes of movement.

Well that is it.  I hope a little be of an insight into my concussive client will help you if or when you have a client with a concussion.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS