The Importance of Strong Knee Joints

Your knees support the vast majority of your bodyweight and take the brunt of the impact from walking, running and jumping. Keeping your knee joints healthy is vital to performing nearly any activity pain-free. Unfortunately, […]

Great Post-walk Stretch Routine

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. #1 – Standing Quad Stretch Stand upright with one hand against the wall or hold on to a walking stick for balance, maintaining good alignment with your head, […]

Impact Exercises for Bone Health

Maintaining strong bones is a health concern that often gets neglected until or unless there is a diagnosed problem. Often, our focus is on fat loss or muscle gain when it comes to exercise. While […]

10-Minute Core Workout That Anyone Can Do

Give this 10-minute core workout a try. This workout can give both women and men great results if done consistently with good form and intensity. 10-minute Core Workout for Women (Men Too!) CLICK HERE to […]

Can Exercise Reduce Arthritis Pain?

The swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints associated with arthritis can make exercise difficult. It can be discouraging to desire an active and fit lifestyle but feel that you are held back by pain […]

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