Knee Pain, Diet and Cartilage

I am always talking with people and last week when I was at Fitness Business Summit I got talking with Dr. Peter Osborne.

He had some amazing information on knee pain, diet and cartilage.

Can What You’re Eating Damage Your Cartilage and Lead to Knee Pain?

==> Knee Pain, Diet and Cartilage

Thank you so much Dr. Peter Osborne.

Just to sum up what he went through in the interview:

  • Most don’t think of diet as an important component of the healing process
  • We need these nutrients in our diet to help collagen to heal damaged cartilage
  • With poor diet we may heal but we heal in a weaker state
  • Inflammation of the body is a key to slowing down recovery
  • How a component in wheat can be slowing down your cartilage recovery
  • What glucosamine and chondroitin does to inflammation
  • Other foods to consider when it comes to inflammation
  • What supplements are as effective as medication

Thanks for reading and listening.

We will talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS