How to Do Side to Side Kickouts – Ab Strengthening Exercise

How to Do Side to Side Kickouts Ab Strengthening Exercise

Today, I want to share with you another challenging core routine.

Watch the video below as Brian Klepacki shows you how you can target your core muscles effectively with this must-try workout.

Hit it, Brian!

Working on your core is very important. Your core, generally, is all of the muscles in your midsection. Your core muscles are extremely important as they work to stabilize your entire body. When your core is working properly, your entire body will function better.

Some of the main core muscles include the rectus abdominis (these are the muscles you can see if somebody has a “six-pack”), the obliques (which may look like a “V”), the transverse abdominis (these are deeper muscles) and the erector spinae (these muscles run along your spine and help you extend your spine). These muscles and other muscles in your core region work together to produce coordinated movements.

Why is Core Training so Important?

So why is core training so important? For one, training your core will improve your functional fitness. Function movements are movements you do in your day-to-day life, such as a squat to pick something up off the floor or a pushup to push yourself up from lying down. Some functional movements include walking, bending, lifting, and squatting. These movements will become easier and more efficient if you have a strong core.

Importantly, a strong core is also essential to avoid back pain. Weak core muscles lead to low back pain and strain on your spine. You will likely have poor posture when your core muscles are weak or not firing properly. A strong core also reduces your risk of developing other issues such as torn muscles, neck pain, and ruptured discs in your spine.

Of course, a strong core will also improve your athletic performance. Whether you are just trying to get a little bit fitter or trying to win a race, a strong core is essential.

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Side-to-side kick outs

Hi guys, what’s up?

Brian Klepacki of shows you how to do side-to-side kick outs to hit that core.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Come down to the floor and begin in a plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders. From here, engage your core and hop one leg underneath you and to the other side while your other leg stays behind you for support. Hop to the other side, bringing the opposite leg underneath you and over to the other side. If the hop is too difficult, try a step version. From your plank, bring one leg underneath you and over to the other side, tapping your foot on the floor. Please return to the plank position and bring the other leg underneath you, tapping it on the other side.

This exercise will specifically work your obliques, which are important muscles for rotation.

Side-to-Side kick outs

Side to Side Kick Out

It is like a cool dance move, but if you do that for 30 seconds, your heart rate will be up.

Thanks, guys. Check it out!

Brian Klepacki

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