Nutrition and Injury Recovery with John Berardi Part 1

Today I have some great information on nutrition and injury recovery.

I have to say; I think this is one of the best interviews that I have done.

The interview is with Dr. John Berardi, who is the nutrition guy.

Enjoy the interview!

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with Dr. John Berardi on nutrition and injury recovery.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with Dr. John Berardi on nutrition and injury recovery.

What Dr. John Berardi Goes Through in the Interview on Nutrition and Injury Recovery:

  • How nutrition is essential for injury for athletes but also the general public
  • The four stages of injury recovery
  • Athletes that are always in a state of damage and what they do to keep performing
  • Which fats to eat to promote healing and which ones to avoid
  • How long it could take the tissue to recover from an injury
  • After you get injured, the four foods you need to start eating
  • The three supplements or foods that have the active ingredient to help reduce inflammation of an injury
  • How water ends up affecting your injury recovery
  • The specific vitamins and minerals that help with post-injury recovery
  • John talks about his fantastic business and how he helps people and fitness professionals

A few things you need to know about listening to the interview:

  • To listen to the interview, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the play button symbol. If you do not have time to listen to it, just click the “download” button and download it to your computer. Then you can listen to it on your computer when you like. Plus, you can subscribe to the iTunes podcast and get all the interviews when they are ready. Enjoy!
  • If you use Chrome as your web browser, it can sometimes act up when playing the interview. I would suggest listening to the discussion in another web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Here is a video explaining how to download the interview recording

A Few Words About John

Dr. John Berardi’s bio is very impressive.  I have known him for several years.  It was great to finally chat with him on the call and chat with him for a few minutes after the call.  John comes from a research background and nutrition in performance, weight loss, muscle building, and fitness education.  I have read a lot of his stuff, and I like that it is unique and grounded in research.  I am sure you can search around the internet and find some massive bio of John, but that is a quick summary from my point of view.

If you have a neat specialization that would benefit fitness professionals to know about, please do contact me. I would love to share it with the EFI world.

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As you can see from the title of this article, this is part 1 with John.  I have a part 2 where he goes into more detail about nutrition and injury recovery.  Watch for it; I will have it up soon.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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