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Easy Coracobrachialis Trigger Point Release Exercise


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I am coming to you from San Diego.

Yesterday, I was in Irvine, California. (Sorry, in yesterday’s email, I said I was in San Diego).

Yesterday was a great day of coaching and teaching to over 40 professionals.

Rick Kaselj teaching

In the future I hope to meet you and help you.

Now moving to this morning, I woke up and headed for a walk and I came across this…

San Diego Grass


I guess in the cement landscape of San Diego, they got to create grass for dogs that live down here.

Okay, for today, I got a great video for you.

In this video, I wanted to go through a quick exercise that you can do to release the coracobrachialis. I did a previous video where I talked about two stretches that help target the coracobrachialis. In that video, I forgot to mention the functions of the coracobrachialis; it helps move the shoulder into flexion, move the shoulder into adduction, and it also helps in stabilizing the shoulder.

It isn’t a primary mover. It is more of a secondary muscle that assists the primary movers. But looking at stabilizing the shoulder, if that coracobrachialis has excess tension or shortens up, it affects the position of the shoulder and can affect the posture and stability of the shoulder. It is oftentimes an overlooked shoulder muscle when it comes to shoulder posture and shoulder rehab.

Coracobrachialis Release Instruction

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I wanted to go through an exercise that you can do to release the coracobrachialis. I will get Donnalee to demonstrate it.

1st Step – Inspection and Palpation

The first one is to palpate it and find it. You are going to bring your arm up and you are moving your hand almost into your armpit where you are looking at going more in between your biceps and your triceps.

Coracobrachialis Release Inspection and Palpation

Inspection and Palpation

You might even start up in the armpit area and then you are coming down the bone until you find the sensitive area and that coracobrachialis tends to insert like where it ends up connecting in the middle of the upper arm. You are looking at finding that area.

2nd Step – Pressing with Fingers or Thumb

You can do it by pushing it with your fingers or you can push it with your thumb and press on the muscle. I can rock side to side and I can rock up and down.

Coracobrachialis Release Pressing with Fingers or Thumb

Pressing with Fingers or Thumb

3rd Step – Pressing with a Ball

You can bring a ball into it. First, you can find it with your hands in between the biceps that sensitive area and then bring the ball into it and you press it up against your body. You are going to press it up against your body as you press it into the coracobrachialis and then you can rock it forward and back. You can also move it up a little bit more towards the armpit area.

Coracobrachialis Release Pressing with a Ball

Pressing with a Ball

A key thing to remember with this is there are all kinds of stuff in that armpit area and you don’t want to irritate something else like a nerve or some other tissue that is in there. You don’t want to be overly aggressive when doing this exercise. Start off gently and then progress from there and then see how it feels. For me, it already feels a little loose by just doing the palpation and pressing on it and rocking forward and back and side to side.

Give that a go in order to release the coracobrachialis and also refer back to that previous video where I talked about stretching the coracobrachialis. What works out really well is to do the release first on the coracobrachialis and then to go through that specific stretch that targets the coracobrachialis.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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wow….I learn something new every time I watch a video here! Never even knew this area as “coracobrachialis”, but immediately I began to palpate this area, I realized it was indeed sore!

Your exercises are just the best – thank you Rick!



Rick Kaselj Reply:

Happy to help. You are welcome, Zora!


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