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Enough Already Barbell Challenge Complex


Filed Under (Cancer Exercise, Fitness) by Rick Kaselj

Real quick got something fun from Shawna K.


Rick Kaselj


Hey, Shawna K. at Challenge Workouts. I want to send that Barbell Challenge Complex over to my good friend and fellow Canadian Rick Kaselj of Exercises for Injuries.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

This is really a unique and different approach to fat loss these complexes where you can burn fat, boost metabolism and build muscle, all in 20 minutes. So if you are tired of high intensity training or just straight-out cardio, these are great alternatives. Check out the workouts and Rick will have lots of information about Challenge Complexes for you.

8 reps of each:

  • Ab Roll Out
  • High Pull
  • Reverse Lunge (8 per leg)
  • BB bent over row
  • Push Up Shoulder Touch

Rest 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Do 4 – 6 rounds, rest up to 1 minute between sets.

This work out is called “Enough Already”. We’ve got 8 reps and 5 exercises. You are going to do 4 to 6 rounds. You could even be doing 3 rounds if you are a beginner. Remember we are not working on speed, we are working on adding the load and we are always starting with a lighter load because overtime that weight is going to add up.

Make sure before you do your Challenge Complexes like with any of my challenge workouts you are doing a little warm up on your own.

#1 – Ab Roll Out

Ab Roll Out

Ab Roll Out

We are starting with an Ab Roll Out on the top of your knees. Go out as low as you can and remember belly button towards your spine. We are doing 8 reps of this. You are going to feel your hamstrings as well on the Ab Roll Out. I am just going to do 3 reps for you.

#2 – High Pull

High Pull

High Pull

Next exercise you are going to try it out without letting go of the bar and you are going into that High Pull; feet shoulder width apart, hands about shoulder width apart, deep to your knees, drive those elbows up to the ceiling, come up onto the toes, nice flat back, and tight abs.

#3 – Reverse Lunge

From the high pull, you are going to bring the bar up. Now you can be doing this on a reverse lunge with a front squat position, we are doing 8 per leg.

Reverse Lunge (Front Squat Position)

Reverse Lunge (Front Squat Position)

If you are not comfortable with front squat position with the barbell, go into that back squat position. We are working on getting 90 degrees on the front leg and on the back leg.

Reverse Lunge (Back Squat Position)

Reverse Lunge (Back Squat Position)

In that lunge position, just a quick reminder, whenever we are lunging we’ve got 90 degrees at the ankle, the knee, the hip, and the knee and the ankle at the back leg almost touch that leg down. We don’t transfer weight to that back foot. Keep all the weight on the front leg.

#4 – Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row

You will try keep going with the bar, holding the bar the whole time. Then you are going to do the Bent Over Row, slow and eccentric in the beginning when you are a little bit fresher.

#5 – Push Up Shoulder Touch

Push Up Shoulder TouchPush Up Shoulder Touch

And then from here you are going to do a push up with a shoulder touch. This is the time you let go of the bar and we are doing 8 reps.

You can rest for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat that whole circuit with 8 reps. Work on increasing the load.

There you go!

I hope you enjoyed the workout.

If you want more workouts like this, then check out Challenge Complexes, here:

Transform your body with Challenge Complexes

Shawna Kaminski


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