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How to Foam Roll Your Gluteus Maximus


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

In this video, I wanted to explain how to foam roll your gluteus maximus.

Why do you have to foam roll out your gluteus maximus?

A lot of people build tension in the gluteus maximus area and that unnecessary tension can have unnecessary stress on the sacroiliac joint or can lead to unnecessary stress on the hip or the lower back.

Most of the time, people don’t know it or don’t feel it until someone checks to see if their gluteus maximus is over active or if they will give the foam rolling exercises a go which are an example of self-massage in order to relax the gluteus maximus.

How to Foam Roll Your Gluteus Maximus

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I wanted to go through two different gluteus maximus foam rolling exercises that you can do. I get Donnalee to demonstrate the exercises.

You need to get a full foam roller. The one that I have here is a three foot foam roller but you can also use a one foot foam roller. I have a 3 foot foam roller so I can get to do a wide variety of exercises.

#1 – Foam Rolling the Ischial Tuberosity with Two Legs

You start sitting on the foam roller on your seat bone which is the bony part you feel in your seat or the ischial tuberosity. You are going to roll forward down towards your knees just a little bit. You will roll back over that ischial tuberosity and then roll up over the glute or the seat all the way up to the pelvis and back.

Foam Rolling the Ischial Tuberosity with Two Legs

Foam Rolling the Ischial Tuberosity with Two Legs

Now the negative side of this exercise is you really have to be cautious of your shoulders. So if you have a bad shoulder injury, you might not be able to get into this position or you have to be very cautious. You want to work around the ischial tuberosity area or the seat bones area. You want to work below it or you want to work above it all the way to the top of the pelvis area we are rolling.

#2 – Foam Rolling the Ischial Tuberosity with One Leg

We move away from both legs and we will just focus on one leg. You move the foam roller to one side and we will do the exact same thing. Starting off with your seat bone and roll down towards your knee just a little bit like maybe half a roll and then you come back up and roll all the way to the top of your pelvis and back.

Foam Rolling the Ischial Tuberosity with One Leg

Foam Rolling the Ischial Tuberosity with One Leg

You might be feeling your tension areas and that’s good. You can roll it for 5 to 10 times. Do not go crazy and do like a hundred because you will be irritating or aggravating the muscle.

Give one of those two foam rolling exercises for the gluteus maximus a go. If you are brand new at it, start off with the first one which is level one. If you are a veteran at it, you can go with the second one and just focus on one leg. In order to make it more challenging, you can put more weight through it.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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