Best Way to Foam Roll Your IT Band

Best Way to Foam Roll Your IT Band

1. What is ITBS?

IT band syndrome (ITBS) is a painful condition affecting runners and other athletes. It can occur with almost any type of running, but it’s more common in activities where you have to push from a static position constantly or when you have side-to-side motion as opposed to forwarding motion. If you’re a runner who struggles with ITBS, there are some great ways to heal your IT band syndrome for runners and get back on the road again.

Read on for more information about how you could be developing pain in your IT band as a runner and how you can take action to recover from ITBS for runners.

2. How Does ITBS Develop?

Repeated friction in the area as you run most commonly causes ITBS. This can be due to an issue with your shoes, poor running form, or even a muscle imbalance. If your IT band is too tight, it can irritate the area – even if it’s not moving out of place. Inflammation of the tissues in your knee can occur if your IT band is rubbing against the bones and is too tight. If you have an injury in your knee and it’s not treated, the sides of your knee joint can also become inflamed.

3. Why Does It Hurt So Bad?

The most common symptom of ITBS is knee pain. This can be concentrated in one area of your knee or move from one side to the other. You may also experience pain when you walk or increased pain at rest. Runners with ITBS often feel pain outside their knee that can sometimes extend down to the ankle. This is due to the tissues in the knee becoming inflamed from the tightness in the IT band.

4. How Big of a Problem is ITBS for Runners?

It’s shocking how many runners end up with IT Band syndrome. Only 12% of them will develop Iliotibial Band syndrome.

The common belief is that if your IT Band is stretched, everything will be fine with your Iliotibial Band Syndrome or IT Band Syndrome.

This is not what I discovered on my own or shared with my clients. Although I do stretching, it is only one piece of the puzzle about Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

Improving tissue quality is something I am focused on when it comes to the IT Band.

The foam roller is one of my favorite tools. I foam roll the IT band (and will review it in a moment). Along with foam rolling IT Band, I will move between the outer and front of the leg and work between these two areas.

I will then go in the opposite direction. I won’t go straight on the back of your hamstrings. Instead, I will move in between your hamstrings.

5. How I Target the IT Band

Foam rolling starts at the top of your pelvis, above the hip joint. Then move down to the knee.

Continue to go a few more times: 5x up, 5x down, 5x side-by-side, front and back, and 5x side-by-side.

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