Post-Shoulder Replacement Recovery Exercises

Post-Shoulder Replacement Recovery Exercises

May 20, 2021 Rick Kaselj

Shoulder replacement surgery is often performed to combat the pain caused by arthritis if the shoulder is severely fractured or broken, or most commonly due to severe osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition generally caused […]

Disc and Bands Leg Burn

April 15, 2021 Rick Kaselj

Today we will be sharing a simple workout using mini bands and fitness sliders. Both mini bands and fitness sliders are versatile, easy to transport fitness tools that you can use to spice up your […]

Foam Rolling for Tight Muscle

Foam Rolling for Tight Muscles

April 8, 2021 Rick Kaselj

The foam roller is a versatile tool that allows you to massage deep into your muscles, providing relief from pain and tension. Foam rolling is also called self-myofascial release because it allows you to release […]

4 Sandbag Exercises for the Upper Body

4 Sandbag Exercises for the Upper Body

April 1, 2021 Rick Kaselj

A sandbag is an incredibly versatile piece of exercise equipment. If you don’t have a sandbag, try going through these exercises with dumbbells, a medicine ball, or even household items such as water bottles, milk […]

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