Wrapping Up Corrective Exercise Seminar with Eric Cressey

Corrective Exercise Seminar

It has been a long time since I have not wanted the day to end in a course. On day 1, when it hit the end of the day, I didn’t like the day to end. It did, and I had to wait for day 2. I was very excited for day 2 to start up.

After lunch, it was into his master’s work. He talked about unstable training and told us the truth about using all that balance equipment. He reinforced that performing balance training in the rehabilitation client is very important. Outside of the rehabilitation client, the benefits of balance training are questionable. Fit and performance clients may benefit more from their upper body than their lower body. Some exercises he suggested were performing unilateral exercises that change the center of gravity (direction and location).

Later in the afternoon, he went through an excellent presentation on “Maintaining a Training Effect despite Injuries.”  During the talk, he talked about external and internal impingement. He compared the different times. It was great.

Corrective Exercise Seminar

Spondylolysis the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Back

He also got talking about spondylolysis. It is one of the injuries I go through in the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Back course. He spoke about intrinsic and extrinsic factors for spondylolysis. Outside factors include cigarette smoking, insufficient nutrition, footwear, inappropriate training, and sporting discipline.

Once again, Eric over delivered. He did a bonus presentation on medicine ball training for athletes. I don’t do much work with athletes, but I got reminded of a few good exercises I can use for my rehab clients and pick up a few new ones.

The course is done, but the learning has not stopped. I got Eric’s course manual, and I will review it a few times this week, take more notes and check the exercises he has gone through.

If you could not make Eric’s presentation, make sure to block December 11 & 12. I am bringing in another excellent international presenter.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Here are what a few people have said about the course:

“Eric was very thorough in his research while presenting the material in a very accessible manner. His insight into the shoulder assessment and corrective exercise was invaluable.” – Curb Ivanic of Ultra Fitness

“Eric has once ag

ain showed why he is a leader in his industry; thorough, clear and approachable.” – Ryan Jobs of Coastal Fitness Services

“Eric was very knowledgeable and down to earth.  I found him enjoying and entertaining.” – Andrea Pasle

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Suppose you can’t get out to see Eric Cressey presenting. I would highly recommend his Assess & Correct DVD and Manual program. It is fantastic and will become the most used resource in your library.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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