Fridays Rambles on Monday

Fridays Rambles on Monday

For our blog post about our time with Friday’s Rambles on Monday, we’ll talk about what our clients think of our exercise programs.

What a week last week. Hundreds of trainers, coaches, and therapists took advantage of the launching of Muscle Imbalances Revealed Version 2.0, or as I call it, MIR2.

What People Are Saying About Muscle Imbalances Revealed

It has been very cool, and the feedback from MIR is pouring in:

Humairah_Irfan“I’m a new personal trainer and I’ve always been worried about not knowing enough about injuries and how to deal with them. Your resources so far have been very beneficial.
I listened to the interview below and one thing that really hit home was the difference between core stabilization and core strengthening exercises. This was just one part of his talk but the reminder was really good because now in my boot camps or personal training clients, I can make the distinction and they can appreciate the core exercises even more.
Thank you for continuing to share amazing resources.”
Humairah Irfan
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fit Body Bootcamp Edmonton
If you are looking at getting better results with your clients, you can check it out HERE.

My son is crying, so I must return in a minute.

I am back, and my five-month-old son is good.

Great Feedback on Something that I Give Away for Free

“I just viewed the #1 Fitness Mistake webinar. I think this is key to summarizing muscle imbalances revealed and should be included in your DVD set.”

Stacey Levine-Prejza
CanFitPro PRO TRAINER, CPR, and Mind Body
Certified 500-hour Yoga Instructor
Certified Pilates and Cycling Instructor

This is what Stacey is talking about:


If you want to get the FREE video presentation as well, CLICK HERE.

Question on will Muscle Imbalances Revealed Help My Hip

Incidentally, my wife has a hip injury caused by a car accident and deals with pain much of the day. This has not stopped her from being active and she does a number of exercises from her physio. In fact she has done these exercises for 10 years; they have not been a “permanent” solution. I am hoping that these webinars might have a possible solution. What do you think?


Yes, Muscle Imbalances Revealed will help.

Myofascial Lines for Back Injuries will give you some good exercises for your wife’s back. Many times there is an overlap between hip injuries and back injuries.

Mobility & Muscle Imbalances – there are some great exercises for hip mobility.

Muscular Imbalances in the Hip & Pelvis – has excellent information on hip stability.

I know it will help. You have to watch the presentations and do the exercises.

Remembering that people love what we do and how we do it is always good. It motivated us even more to share this blog post with other businesses looking for ways to improve their customers’ experiences and loyalty to our brand.

I think that is it for now. Still so much more to talk about, but I will save it for another Friday’s Ramble.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Unlock Your Hip Flexors