What To Do About Knee Pain with Lunges?

What To Do About Knee Pain with Lunges

Well, today, let’s chat about what to do about knee pain with lunges.

I was at a conference, and I ran into Sara Dean. She heard I was into injuries and exercise and asked to interview me.

Sara is like many personal trainers. She does one-on-one personal training and boot camps. One issue her clients have is knee pain when performing lunges.

Here is the interview I did with Sara, helping her clients out on what to do about knee pain during lunging.

==>  Knee Pain with Lunges <==  What You Can Do About It

Let me go through what I talked about in the interview.

#1 – Try a Back Lunge

If you feel pain with a front lunge, you can try to make a back lunge.

This puts more force on the back leg and will likely decrease the pain.

#2 – Look at Technique

Start and make sure the lunge technique is perfect.

It ensures that the knee does not pass the toes of the front leg and that the weight in the front foot is mainly on the heel.

#3 – Stride Length

Increase your stride length.

Increase the size of steps that you take. This will decrease the likelihood of the knee passing the toe. A lot of people will take fast action forward.

#4 – Focus on Down

Often, people will focus on moving their body and knee forward during the lunge movement, which leads to the knee passing the toes of the front leg.

The focus should be moving down with the body, decreasing the likelihood of the knee passing the toes.

#5 – Look at Flexibility

Take some time to look at the flexibility in the quads and hip flexors. These are often tight and put more stress on the patella (knee cap), leading to more considerable strain on the knee.

A huge thank you to Sara Dean, a Seattle Personal Trainer who helps new moms lose their baby weight.

In the video, we talked about Knee Injury Solution, a program I put together to help recover from knee pain and injuries.

Rick Kaselj, MS

I just finished writing this, and now I’m thinking about lateral knee discomfort. I believe it would make an excellent blog post. I’ll get it posted ASAP.

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