Squats and Knee Pain

Squats and Knee Pain

My friend, Shawna Kaminski, talked about squats and knee pain.

Shawna runs boot camps and helps train women over 40. One thing she hears a lot is:

“I can’t squat or lunge because I get knee pain.”

I interviewed Shawna on what you can do about your knee pain during squatting:

==>  Squats and Knee Pain

In the interview with Shawna, I talk about:

  • The importance of squatting and lunging
  • How you can modify the squat
  • How flexibility can help you with your knee pain during squatting
  • A different kind of lunge that decreases knee pain
  • The vicious cycle of knee pain
  • Importance of using a mirror for feedback on your technique
  • Master your lunge and squat exercises with no weight and added weight

As I discussed in the interview, muscle imbalance is one of the things you need to address when it comes to knee pain during squatting.  I go into detail about this in Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

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Okay, before going.

I remembered that I interviewed Shawna a few months back, where she talked about knee pain.

You can get her tips in this video:

In the interview with Shawna, she goes through:

  • The importance of technique
  • Where your knees should be position
  • How you should place your hips

I think that is it.

Have a great day, and thank you for reading.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Knee Pain Solved