Manual Therapy Techniques for Treating Myofascial Pain

When I was researching for my blog post on posture and scapular muscles, I came across a great presentation.

Please note I am a fitness professional.  I do no manual therapy but I found the presentation very informative on better understanding trigger points and different manual therapy techniques when it comes to dealing with myofascial pain.

The presentation is very good.

You can go through the slides but it you click the little speaker on the slide, you can here the audio of the presentation.

Be patient with presentation as it can take some time to load up to your computer.

The part that I like the best was going to Slide 45 and listen to the reply on self-myofascia release.

Dr. William Prentice talks about foam rolling and self massage.

If you are interest in more information with it comes to trigger points, the person I go to it Bill Huhn.

I often times host Bill’s courses.

Understanding Trigger Points to Overcome Pain with William N. Huhn – April 16, 2011

HANDS-ON: Trigger Point for Lumbar, Hips, Buttocks and Groin Issues – April 17, 2011

Rick Kaselj, MS