Trigger Point Therapy in Poland

Trigger Point Therapy in Poland

I got an update from William Huhn on his trigger point courses.

He has been presenting them in New Westminster, Nanaimo, and now in Poland.

Mark down the dates that Bill will be in New Westminster:

Understanding Trigger Points to Overcome Pain with William N. Huhn – April 16, 2011

HANDS-ON: Trigger Point for Lumbar, Hips, Buttocks and Groin Issues – April 17, 2011

Here is the very exciting update from Bill.

Trigger Point in Poland – August 2010

This past August I had the pleasure of presenting one of my newest workshops in Warsaw, Poland. And as a tourist I must say that Poland is a wonderful place and would definitely recommend visiting Warsaw. The people are friendly, the architecture is amazing, the food was delicious (not to mention the delicious coffee) and everything is so reasonably priced compared to western Europe! And without hesitation, I would recommend a visit to Krakow… the Old Town is rich with history and very “European.” Where else can you dine in a restaurant that first opened it’s doors way back in the 14th century!

I presented a newly written 5-day (35 hour) workshop at the request of the Warsaw host, Sylwia Paszkiewicz.

This newest workshop is accredited by the Polish Society of Physiotherapy. All 24 attendees were physiotherapists, and they’ll now be incorporating their new (and developing) Trigger Point skills with their patients. Of course, 35 hours of training only scratches the surface when it come to Trigger Point bodywork… but they are eagerly on their way to discovering the substantial benefits of this therapy! And that’s the objective of my workshops and courses. I wish them all the best.

Next August we’ll be back in Warsaw, and do it all again with a new group. And a 35 hour specialty workshop regarding autonomic phenomena is also in the works for Amsterdam in July 2011. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Trigger Point workshops in New Westminster with Rick Kaselj, in April 2011, and of course for the other 5-day workshops that are scheduled for Canada and Europe!

William Huhn

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Rick Kaselj, MS