More Stupid Fitness Toys

I hate to say it, but in 2011 we will see more stupid fitness toys.

Yes, that is Prediction #9 for 2011.

#9 – Stupid Fitness Toys

Stuff like this:

This stuff cracks me up, but I also shake my head when I see this kind of stuff.

Every week there seems to be a new fitness gadget out there for people to buy to help them with their fitness goals.

The general public is not the only group that are obsessed with new fitness gadgets.  Fitness professionals and associations are as well.

I know, this is going to piss off a few people and probably a few fitness associations as well, but oh well.

I have been talking about this with a number of leaders in the fitness industry and thought it was time to say something about it.

Hey Fitness Professional, Do You have a Stupid Fitness Toy Problem?

I know I did.

I looked forward to going to fitness conferences and getting all the new fitness toys.

I would buy all of these fitness toys because I could get them at a great deal at the conferences.

This is what would happen to my new fitness toys:

  • I would use them for a while and then they would end up in a box in the basement.
  • If I used them with my clients, they would ask me where they could get one and I would not know where they could get it.
  • I would use it with my clients and they would think they could only do the exercise with that piece of equipment

Now I think hard if I really need the new fitness toy.

I ask myself:

  • Do I need this?
  • Am I going to use this at least once a week?
  • Is this that much different then a piece of equipment that I already have?
  • Can I do the exercises with another piece of exercise equipment that I have?

Do Fitness Associations Have  a Problem with Stupid Fitness Toys?

Sad to say, “No.”

I remember when I went to my first fitness association conference in 1996.  I was very excited.  I took all of these great sessions where I learned a lot of great information.  Many times they were the exercise science stream of the conference.

Over the last 15 years, fitness conferences have changed and the exercise science stream has thinned out.

Now most fitness conferences revolve around fitness equipment.

A fitness equipment company will rent a booth at the conference and then they will present a number of fitness sessions that involve their equipment.

It is an unfortunate trend that is occurring in fitness conferences.

I expect to get some hate comments with this post.  So feel free to post them.

Before I go, here is some fitness equipment that we will be seeing at a fitness conference near you:

I have one more prediction to come.  That will be my last for 2011.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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