Rick’s Rambles

Hey, it is a Friday. A Friday before a long weekend. Let’s take a few minutes to present today Rick’s Rambles.

Facebook is So Cool!

It is great to get things like this on Facebook:

Rick's Facebook comment

I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading this blog, but it is great to hear people are reading it. More importantly, it is helping people.

Then on Facebook, you get stuff like this:

Rick's Facebook comment

Okay, “breasts.”

Finding the Time

I got an email from Gareth Snelson.

Gareth is from England and won a copy of Muscle Imbalances Revealed with a great reply on how it would help him be the best personal trainer in the UK.

MIR-7-DVD-largeVery cool goal!

You can see his complete submission by clicking here.

He asked:

“Can you do a webinar on how to create time from thin air to allow time for studying, childcare, work, exercise, and chores?”

I am not sure how many people would want to watch it.

First of all, I work a lot. I put in quickly 10 to 12 hours a day working. They could be training clients, teaching, research, writing, interviews, blogging, etc.

Second of all, it is a challenge balancing it all. A few things I have cut out. Watching movies, other than kid’s movies, is out. Watching a TV show is out, other than kids’ ones. Going out at night is out as putting the kids to bed is a two-hour process.

More Kind Words

In my third year of University at Simon Fraser University, I volunteered at Rick Kaselj’s Healing Through Movement course Exercise Rehabilitation of the Knee, Core Stability for the Rehab Client, and Exercise Rehabilitation of the Hip. These were the first exercise rehabilitation courses I had taken outside of the university. It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the anatomy, mechanisms, and rehabilitation techniques of common sports and workplace injuries. In addition, I learned how to communicate these exercises with clients and bring a client through a progressive set of activities. Furthermore, the environment in the class was great, and everyone worked together, networked, and had a great time. I would recommend these courses to those interested in rehabilitation, training, personal athletics, or involved in health care. Cheers, Janine Roller

What is Next

I have researched, read, and written about knee pain and ACL injuries.

You can see some of it in part 4 of my ACL Injury series.

I am working on a Knee injury and ACL injury exercise program. And I am so excited about this.

I think this is going to be great. There will be an ebook of the exercises and videos of all the activities.

It is still a few weeks from being done, but I have one of the covers done. Have  a look:

Knee Pain Solved

I think that is it for Rick’s Rambles for today.

Off to do more work. Talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS