What to Do About Knee Pain from Running (Interview with Jill Bruyere)

What to Do About Knee Pain from Running (Interview with Jill Bruyere)

This past weekend I was in Orange County at a fitness conference.

I got up early before the conference and went for a run.

I love taking my running shoes with me with I travel and running.

Running is such a great way of exploring a new place.

After my run, my knees were a little sore, no old jokes please.

During lunch, I was chatting with a fellow fitness professional, Jill Bruyere, about running and she gave me a few good tips for my knee pain.

What to Do About Knee Pain After Running?

==>  Click Here To Watch the Video on What to Do About Knee Pain do to Running

Jill goes through:

– The #1 thing you should do after your run
– What you should not do after your run
– The best think you can put your legs in
– She shares a Pacific Northwest Runner secret
– Where you need to put your legs after a run

If you have not watch the quick video, head back up and give  it a watch.

I do thank Jill for her time and sharing her tips.  Jill write a great running blog, called RunWithJill.com , make sure to check it out.

If you plan on doing a marathon, Jill has a program for you, Break Your PR.  What runner does not want to do that.

Rick Kaselj, MS