F-Bombs Helps with Pain

F-Bombs Helps with Pain

Dropping an F-Bomb can help you deal with physical and emotional pain. I am off to Seattle today, and I got off early and crossed the border in 10 minutes.

I was making a great time until I got near Seattle and got hammered by Seattle traffic. Look at the photo. The traffic sucked, but Mt Rainer in the background is excellent.

I promise never to complain about traffic. Vancouver traffic is nothing like in Seattle and LA.

Last Saturday, I was stuck in LA traffic. All this traffic is brutal. While driving, I was listening to the radio.

I found one thing that helps with traffic is listening to Barry White. How can you get angry listening to Barry White? The radio does not play Barry all day long. They play that California song. I don’t know who sings it. One cool thing that came up on the radio is the topic of Swearing and Pain

They talked about a research paper on swearing and pain during the news.

The research said that when people swore, they could handle more pain.

It kind of makes sense.

When you feel pain, your brain signals you something is wrong. This causes the body to release chemicals called “endogenous opioids.” Endogenous opioids are the substances released by the body to help numb pain. But they also have a powerful side effect: they can make people feel happier and less stressed. People in pain often experience negative emotions such as anger, stress, and sadness. This can make them feel even worse and make the pain worse.

Why Curse Words Help Relieve Pain?

Cursing is a form of emotional release. When you are in pain, you naturally feel a high-stress level. When you release that stress through cursing, you reduce the stress hormones in your body. Studies have shown that people who are in pain have high levels of two stress hormones in their bodies: cortisol and adrenaline. When people curse, they tend to release a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin reduces the amount of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. This helps people in pain feel less stressed and, in turn, less pain.

People who say not good words help them overcome pain because saying not good words helps them calm themselves down and relax from stress. Stress is one of the primary triggers of pain in many people, so when you say not good words, it helps you relieve yourself from stress, and thus it enables you to reduce your pain. 

When people experience pain, they often tend to express themselves in ways that could be considered inappropriate or unfiltered. For example, one might say, “These hurts!” or “I can’t take this anymore!” While there’s nothing wrong with expressing your pain, saying things like this could worsen the situation. Instead, try to keep your words and actions in check. One way that saying not-good words helps overcome pain is by helping you control your emotions and avoid explosiveness. This will help you avoid hurting yourself further, but it will also help you avoid having a meltdown in front of everyone else.

What did you say when you hurt yourself last time?

I was driving to Seattle because I was going to the NFBA conference.

Brian from ACE Fitness personally invited me down to attend. How could I say no? Tom was going to be there.

Listen to Tom

I am listening right now to Tom Plummer’s presentations; here are a few notes I have taken so far:

  • the fitness industry has drastically changed in 3 years
  • fitness went to crap in the 60s with circuit training
  • people leave gyms because they are not getting the results they want
  • isolation training is killing your gym, not machines but people training alone
  • the worst position you can put a client in is a seated position

Watch this video f-bomb Helps with Pain.

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