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3 Exercises to Correct Rounded Shoulders


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Yesterday, I was working at my desk and I noticed that my shoulders are rolling forward. This got me thinking what we should do for rolled forward shoulders. So, I put this video together for you.

If you notice that your shoulders are rolling forward, the exercises below will help you out.

~ Rick


In today’s video, I will go through three rounded shoulders correction exercises that you should do.

Rounded Shoulders Correction Exercises

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I’ll get Alix to demonstrate.

#1 – Chair Arch

Chair Arch

Chair Arch

We are working on loosening up the mid back area and bringing the shoulders back. We are fighting and counteracting the rounded shoulders. Alix places her fingertips on the head, elbows to the side and then she is arching over the end of the chair. Go through 5 repetitions in a smooth controlled movement and hold the end position for a couple of seconds.

#2 – Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

You are sitting in a nice upright position then you will bring the chin back. You are looking at a light stretch in the back of the head and neck area. You don’t want to go crazy with this one because you might irritate the tissues which can lead to headaches and neck pain. Go through 5 repetitions and hold the end position for a couple of seconds. You can progress to 5 repetitions holding for 5 seconds then progress to 10 repetitions holding for 10 seconds.

#3 – No Money with Tubing Exercise

No Money with Tubing Exercise

No Money with Tubing Exercise

Alix needs to hold the resistive tubing with her hands. She is sitting nice and upright. She has the tubing shoulder width apart and then she moves her hands apart. She is working on her rotator cuff and her mid back. She brings her arms out to the side which works the mid-back and rotator cuff and counteracting the rounded shoulders. Start off with 5 repetitions in a smooth controlled movement resisting out and then bringing the tubing back to the starting position. Then you can progress from 5 repetitions to 10 repetitions.

So, give those three exercises a go! These will definitely help you overcome your rounded shoulders.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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