Knee Pain Due to a Sloppy Knee

Knee Pain Due to a Sloppy Knee

Knee pain can be caused by several different factors, including improper mechanics while running. A sloppy knee alignment can also lead to knee pain. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to prevent knee pain due to a sloppy knee and the best ways to stretch your leg muscles so that you can run without any issues.

What is a Sloppy Knee?

The condition is often caused by a lack of flexibility in the hamstring muscles and can lead to injuries such as patellar tendonitis. Sloppy knees are more prevalent in children because their joints have not fully developed yet. People with sloppy knees need to stretch their hamstrings before physical activity or sports so they don’t get injured while playing.

What Causes Knee Pain Due to a Sloppy Knee?

The most common cause of knee pain due to a sloppy gait cycle is the result of running. When you run, your feet strike the ground and then push off. The foot’s trip is when your heel touches the ground followed by your toes doing so as well- this happens twice during a run, once when you are swinging your leg forward and again when you are swinging it backside up. If you’re running with an improper knee alignment, it can lead to irregularities in footstrike which will impact how much stress or strain gets put onto other parts of one’s body including one’s knees!

In March of this year, I was in Indianapolis.

I was there to live one of my dreams, which was to go to the NCAA March Madness Final Four Basketball Tournament.

It was an amazing experience.

Yes, it was Madness.

While I was out there, I met up with Mike Robertson.

While we were chatting about things, we did a quick video answering a question that I got from a blog reader about knee pain.

Have a look and listen to what Mike had to say:

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What to do About Knee Pain Due to a Sloppy Knee?

CLICK HERE to watch the interview with Mike Robertson on what to do about knee pain due to a sloppy knee.

I like what Mike had to say:

  • how to improve the stability of the knee
  • where you need to look other than the knee
  • the movements you need to look at
  • the patterns of movement you need to look at

(I know the umbrella behind Mike is kind of funny.  It looks like he is wearing the umbrella as it flaps in the wind.  I didn’t notice it until after I recorded the video.  I got a chuckle out of it and I hope Mike did as well.)

Before I left Indianapolis, I made sure to swing by Mike Robertson and Bill Harman‘s facility called IFAST. Of course, I did a video for you while I was there.

What is Up With IFAST?

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Just wrapping up.

If you can’t train with Mike Robertson or go to his upcoming courses, you can always check out Muscle Imbalances Revealed, as he has a great video presentation that will help you out if you have a knee injury.


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That is it.  Have a great day.  The snow has finally vanished here in the suburbs of Vancouver.

Rick Kaselj, MS