Top 10 Questions for Mike Robertson

Top 10 Questions for Mike Robertson copy

Nine months of planning and preparation have arrived, and Mike Robertson’s Bulletproofing Your Client’s Knees and Lower Back seminar is here.

For those who do not know who Mike is, Mike is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been a self-proclaimed athlete all his life, considered one of the world’s top strength coaches and corrective exercise specialists.                          

Mike is also considered one of the most highly sought-after coaches in the fitness industry. His incredible knowledge of the human body can be attributed to his extensive formal education, competitive power-lifting background, work experience in the rehab setting, and training athletes. As a coach, he is known for his “no-nonsense” approach to training and brutal efficiency, making him a go-to resource for many professional athletes from every significant field. Aside from coaching, Mike is also a consultant, speaker, and writer.

It is cool to bring the best from around the world to the trainers, coaches, and therapists around Vancouver.

He planned a great course with a thick manual of what we would go through.

From the start of the course, he started delivering.

He started the day asking:

“What are the Top 10 Questions You Want Answered this Weekend?”

This is the list the group came up with:

  • What to do about PFPS (Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome)?
  • How do you assess function movements?
  • What to do about a posterior tilt?
  • What are the best exercises for disc herniation?
  • How do you do core regressions?
  • What can you do about SI (Sacroiliac) joint issues?
  • When should you do rotation exercises?
  • Keys to proper squatting.
  • What are the critical relationships between the knee and hip?
  • How do you increase (gluteus maximus) function?

What trainer, coach, and therapist do not want to have one or more of these questions answered by one of the best?

So cool.

I am so excited about the weekend.

I am ready to learn, and so is the small group of people, ranging from medical doctors to group fitness instructors, that have come from around the world to be here.

Having your questions answered by the best in the world in an intensive weekend seminar/course is so great.

I love bringing the best to Vancouver and can’t wait to get more of them, like Justin Price.

I will have some more information on what I learned and some video clips from the course.

Here is a quick clip from today where Mike discussed the hip movement. One of the key points he mentioned in this short video clip was about the vital role of our hip joint when it comes to hip mobility, stability, and strength during movement. Mike also showed different hip movements to the group.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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