#1 Tip to Achieve Ageless Body and Mind

#1 Tip To Achieve Ageless Body And Mind

Our bodies tend to look different as we age, but they all boil down to one very simple fact: what we do with them daily matters. How your body looks directly results from how you treat it, which means that no matter how old you are right now, it’s not too late to do the # tip to achieve an ageless body and mind.

Anyone over the age of 30 knows that our bodies begin to change as we get older. It’s not uncommon for our friends and family to begin to feel more comfortable hanging out with us when we dress up in adult-sized animal costumes than when we go for a swim in our underwear – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on feeling good about yourself.

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Today, I will share a great interview with Dawn Sylvester as she talked about tips on achieving an ageless body.

In the interview below, you will discover:

  • The #1 tip to achieve an ageless body and mind
  • Three tricks to slow down the aging process
  • Best tips to reverse weight gain as you get older


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#1 Tip to Achieve Ageless Body and Mind

My number 1 tip is to change the way you think. Thinking a LOT about eating less and exercising more is stressful and may result in a failing mindset. By changing your mentality and knowing that small daily actions can lead to large rewards later, you prepare yourself for goal achievement and success.

I believe in feeling good when you accomplish anything, even if it’s just one or two small steps. Any small things you can do today eventually add up to finally achieving that “bigger” goal! For example, I’m going to drink eight glasses of water today, or I’m going to add up my coconut oil intake.

3 Tricks to Slow Down the Aging Process

What strategy can we use to persuade our genes to reverse or slow the aging process? 

Research suggests we can manipulate our genes to age backward and prevent age-related cognitive fog. We can avoid aging and weight gain by doing these three simple tricks:

1. Sleep

Sleep is something I’ve been focusing on a lot lately.

That magical seven hours of sleep does everything from turning off hunger hormones to turning on fat-burning hormones. So instead of restricting foods, calorie intake, or tracking points, focus on improving your sleeping habits more!

2. Reduce Stress

The unwelcome stress hormone cortisol is where we get the belly fat; from there, it’s all downhill. I try to bring people back to taking small steps to achieve their goals, sleeping more, and reducing Stress.

3. Healthy Eating

I recommend consuming healthy fats that are nutrient-packed. Eat for fuel, not only for weight loss.

Best Tips to Reverse Weight Gain as You Get Older

What are some tips that people can use to reverse weight gain?

I was fascinated with calorie burning but I never weighed myself. What I did was “undo” my eating by burning it. I don’t recommend using certain gadgets that tell you how many calories you burned because, just like your scale, they’re not a good gauge.

As we age, we lose muscle. I’m well past 30, and I discovered that training consistently makes the body a fat-burning machine. You only need to invest a few minutes, just ten minutes every day, to use movement patterns involving your biggest muscles.

Just walking around the block isn’t going to tighten or firm up your physique or make you stronger as you age, so I taught my 80-year-old parents pattern types and functional movements for the huge muscles.

It’s remarkable how tight your core and pelvic girdle are when you use your biggest muscles. So my parents went from barely able to do a plank, let alone hold one, to performing a side plank at 80, and my mother is a trouser size down!

You’re probably 30 or 40 and reading this. If my parents can do it at 80, you can also integrate or replace brief bursts of exercise with hours of walking or aerobics to help you maintain a healthy weight as you age!

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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