3 Suspension Trainer Exercises to Dominate Abs

3 Suspension Trainer Exercises to Dominate Abs

Today, I have a few core exercises that you can do with the suspension trainer. It is with Dan Long.

Enjoy and give them a go today.

(If you have a shoulder injury, check out my comment about exercise #3.)

~ Rick Kaselj

I am Dan Long, and welcome to Suspension Revolution. I will demonstrate 3 Core Exercises that will rock your Core as if you have never had it rocked before.

Let’s get into it right now.

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Suspension Trainer Exercises for Abs

Ab exercises are meant to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. They target the transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, and serratus anterior. These muscles help you perform daily activities like bending over, lifting, or climbing stairs without back pain. They also support the spine and improve your posture. Suspension trainer exercises for abs can be broken down into three main categories: core stabilization, core strengthening, and core twisting and rotation.

Core stabilization exercises will work your abdominals to keep your hips and spine from rotating and moving. They include side planks, bird dogs, and side-to-side planks. Core strengthening exercises will work your obliques and lower abdominals to build strength. They include feet-elevated hip bridges, single-leg hip bridges, and rotating bridges. Core twisting and rotation exercises will work your obliques, serratus anterior, and rectus abdominis to build your twisting and rotation capabilities. They include single-leg twists, single-arm twists, double-leg twists, and the seated knee raise.

Trainer Exercises 1. Plank

With this exercise, you are going to perform it for 30 seconds. My feet are inside the feet cradles. I am already ready to go. Don’t forget to have your TRX 6 to 8 inches off the ground, so your feet don’t drag. Now, you are going to come down in a simple plank position. I am sure most of you know how to do a plank, but I will show you anyway.

1 Separate Your Hands

Separate your hands. Have your hands in front of your shoulders.

Cheating position

Don’t do this. This is cheating.

If you have to do this, try to work yourself out of the habit of doing it because this is differentiating both sides in the left and right of your Core and making sure you get the full fantastic ability that this actually can deliver for both the left and right side of your trunk and muscles, okay.

Plank Position

Plank Position

Separate your hands and have them in front of your shoulders. Bring your body up into a plank position. You don’t want to sway all over the place. You want to have yourself nice and rigid.

Dont dip the hips

Don’t dip the hips

dont have the hips up

Don’t have the hips up.

Stay nice and straight plank position. Focus. Keep the midsection tight. Right now, you might feel a lot of muscle starting to shake. That’s a great thing. That means you are recruiting muscle from all over right now that’s working hard to work this exercise. That’s called your Core.

For many of you who don’t even know what your Core is, that’s yours. I want to teach you what it takes to build this in the beginning stages. You are going to hold this for 30 seconds. Front plank position on your elbows; make it happen. Let’s get that Core nice and strong.

Trainer Exercises 2. Side Plank

Exercise 2 circuit 1 is going to be a side plank on the left and also on the right. You are going to do 30 seconds on both sides. You will notice on my feet here that I have them in the feet cradles on the side, alright. My left foot is touching the heel of my right foot. My top leg, meaning what leg is facing the ceiling, is going to be the leg that’s always behind the other leg.

Side Plank

Side Plank

Now make sure your feet are even, okay? Once you have that set in that position, you will ensure your elbow is underneath your shoulder. Make sure your elbow is positioned under your shoulder. Make a fist, then take this hand, place it on the ground, lift your body in a side plank position, and raise your hand in the sky.

You don’t want this swaying all over the place. You want to hold this nice and steady. I am talking to you while I am doing it. I know you can focus. Give me 30 solid seconds on this exercise. Keep your hands up in the sky. Work those muscles and Core. This is an amazing one. Don’t forget to repeat this on the other side for 30 seconds, left and right off to the next exercise.

Trainer Exercises 3. Reverse Plank

On the reverse plank, don’t forget, one finger in each foot cradle. Place your heels into your TRX. Position it out. Now, with this, you are going to sit up. Make sure you are applying pressure down on the legs, so your feet don’t flap out of your foot cradles. In a reverse plank, you will have your hand behind your shoulder and the other hand behind your shoulder, giving you some range of motion.

Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank

(Note from Rick Kaselj – The reverse plank, as Dan shows, is an advanced exercise. For most people, I do not give them these exercises as it puts too much stress on the shoulder and rotator cuff, but if you have the range of motion and stability at that range, you can give it a go. I prefer a bodyweight reverse plank with straight arms. I will do a video on this soon.)

Again, feet always under the anchor point, and then what you are going to do is you are going to lift your body into a reverse plank position and look at the ceiling, and hold that position for a solid 30 seconds.

For you guys, press hard because your hips won’t be as flexible. Trust me, if I can do this now, you can. Give me 30 seconds on this exercise. This one’s amazing for your Core. Give me all you have got, kill mode baby, kill mode.

Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you again soon. And if you are looking for workouts with the suspension trainer, make sure to check out Suspension Revolution 2.0.

Dan Long

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