Friday Rambles on a Snowy Saturday

Friday Rambles on a Snowy Saturday

I never seem to get these rambles out on Friday.

Not sure why.  I enjoy doing them, but it never seems to happen.

Let’s chat about what has happened of late.

#1 – Sharing My Blog Posts

It is very cool when someone thinks your writing is good enough to share with others.

I had this happen to me three times this week.  It is very cool.

I do put a lot of thought and time into my writing.  If you write or blog, you will know what I mean.  I am thrilled to give, but it is excellent when someone says, “You got to read this.”  Thank you for reading and sharing what I have written; it means a lot.

#2 – Making Bret’s Good Reads & Blog Role

I have been reading Bret Contreras‘ blog for some time.

Bret is known for many things.

Some of them are being called “The Glute Guy” (he is really into it), his Friday Rambles “Good Reads,” where he highlights all the good things to read, and his extensive list of blogs he recommends to read.

To my shock, I made his “Good Reads,” and he added me to his “blog roll.”

I am on Bret Contreras’ “Good Reads”:

Really, I am:

I Made Bret’s Blog Roll, Really:

#3 – More Insane Feedback on Muscle Imbalances Revealed 2.0

I know you are following me on Facebook.

It is so cool that stuff like this is posted on my Facebook wall.

It is excellent to hear Muscle Imbalances Revealed is helping out so many trainers, coaches, and therapists.

Even some of the big guns in the industry, like, John Izzo.

If you want to look at what John is raving about, CLICK HERE.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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