You Need More Than Exercises to Overcome Knee Pain

You Need More Than Exercises to Overcome Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common problem. There is no one single reason why your knees hurt, but rather a combination of factors that can lead to knee pain. If you have knee pain from overexertion and strain, there are ways to relieve the discomfort. Knee pain can be acute or chronic, so it’s important to understand what’s causing your knees to hurt before implementing a routine. There are numerous exercises you can do to help alleviate knee pain; however, they are not the only solution. To truly overcome knee pain, you need more than just exercises. You need a holistic approach with diet and specific activities as well as exercises on a regular basis.

I like when I get to go to conferences, seminars, and courses. I learn a bunch of new stuff and am reminded of things I forgot – plus, I get to meet other trainers, coaches, and therapists.

The cool thing I have seen lately is that health and fitness professionals specialize more.

As you know, my specialization is practical exercises for injuries.

One person I ran into that specializes is  Rochelle Grievance.

I have interviewed Rochelle before. CLICK HERE to view the other video I had done with her on knee pain.

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Overcome Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common causes of physical therapy consultations. It can result from equipment that doesn’t fit properly, accidents, previous injuries, or even running in the wrong type of shoe. However, the most common cause of knee pain is overuse or repetitive motion.

Knee pains often occur because of arthritis already present among people with a history of this disease. Many different reasons can cause knee pain; one is being overweight. If you overuse your knee, it could also cause some problems and lead to knee pain.

It’s essential to take steps to prevent knee pain before it starts. Here are some tips for prevention and treatment:

  • Wear appropriate shoes for your activity.
  • Rest and ice your knees after exercise or work where you are on your feet for long periods.
  • Stretch your hips and quads after a workout to help with muscle soreness. 
  • Exercise to get strong and flexible
  • Avoid inflammatory foods

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged surfaces of your joint with artificial ones. It’s one potential solution if arthritis pain and other symptoms severely impact everyday life. Although total knee replacements can be very successful, they do not last forever and have risks such as infection or metal allergies to contend with too.

Make sure you watch the video interview. Rochelle goes through:

  • Knee injury exercises are essential to improve strength and flexibility
  • It would help if you also looked at your lifestyle; maybe the cause of your knee pain
  • What are you eating? Is what you are eating slowing down your knee pain recovery?
  • The five things needed to overcome your knee pain

If you didn’t watch, head back up and listen. It is quick but with good information.

If you want to see the exercises that I use to help my clients with their knee pain, It is called Jumpers Knee Solution

Jumper’s Knee Solution

If you are in the Vancouver area, you can always attend my Exercise Rehabilitation of the Knee course, where you can meet me, ask me your questions, get more details on injuries, and get a stack of exercises for the most common knee injuries.

Make sure to check out Rochelle Gravance’s blog on knee pain. She writes a weekly on the problem.

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Rick Kaselj, MS