You Need More Than Exercises to Overcome Knee Pain

You Need More Than Exercises to Overcome Knee Pain

I like when I get to go to conferences, seminars, and courses.  I learn a bunch of new stuff, and am reminded of stuff that I forgot – plus I get to meet other trainers, coaches, and therapists.

The cool thing I have seen of late is health and fitness professionals specializing more.

As you know, my specialization is effective exercises for injuries.

One person I ran into that specializes is  Rochelle Gravance.

I have interviewed Rochelle before.  CLICK HERE to view the other video I had done with her on knee pain.

==>  CLICK HERE to watch the video – You Need More Than Exercises to Overcome Knee Pain

Make sure you watch the video interview.  Rochelle goes through:

– Knee injury exercises are essential to improve strength and flexibility

– You also need to look at your lifestyle; may be the cause of your knee pain

– What are you eating.  Is what you are eating slowing down your knee pain recovery?

– The 5 things needed to overcome your knee pain

If you didn’t watch, head back up and listen.  It is quick but with good information.

If you want to see the exercises that I use to help my clients with their knee pain, CLICK HERE.

It is call Knee Injury Solution.

If you are in the Vancouver area, you can always attend my Exercise Rehabilitation of the Knee course where you can meet me, ask me your questions, get more details on injuries, and get a stack of exercises for the most common knee injuries.

Make sure to check out Rochelle Gravance‘s blog on knee pain.  She writes a weekly on the problem.

That is it for today.  Talk to you again soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS