John Izzo Glute Exercise

John Izzo Glute Exercise

A few days ago I talked about John Izzo’s Lunge to Improved Performance DVD.

Today I wanted to share with you an exercise that I learned from watching the DVD. Maybe today, I will take a break from the writing and let the video do the talking.

How to Do the Izzo Glute Exercise

CLICK HERE to view a description of the Izzo Glute Exercise

Listening to the video again, I think I missed one point.

I really like the exercise because it targets the gluteus medius lunge position.  This is a nice transition from side-lying exercises.  Which is very important when it comes to the Core Stability of the Hip.  With all hip pain, the gluteus medius muscle is lacking inactivation, endurance, and stability.

Now let’s get to the second video, how to do the exercise.

Demonstration of How to do the Izzo Glute Exercise

CLICK HERE to view a demonstration of the Izzo Glute Exercise

If you are looking for some researched based gluteus maximus exercises, I would check this out:

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Rick Kaselj, MS