BCRPA Fitness Education Courses

BCRPA Fitness Education Courses

I hope you are having, or had, a great Thanksgiving if you are from the USA. Trainers, coaches, and therapists often look for courses to take before the year is over to gain practical information and earn Continuing Education Credits. I have a few Fitness Education courses coming up, but before I talk about them, look and see what others have said about my courses.

What People Say About Courses By Rick Kaselj:

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People who have been through motor vehicle accidents need intervention and assistance because they experienced an accident. In this course, you will learn how to apply it with the clients that also work with you. You’ll be able to identify what things should be avoided during their exercise and what events one can expect due to a car crash. Each injury needs its own recovery time based on its severity, and those injuries determine each person’s activity level. Hence, everyone gets something different out of rehabilitation exercises. People should pay close attention to the red flags for potential danger when recovering from any injury or exercise program.

What I was seeking was more information on each injury, the exercises they should perform, and the things they should not do.

But I wanted the brief instruction on everything. Like, let’s say there’s a shoulder impingement that. What is the problem with it? What’s that proximate. And I told him the code problem that I wanted to find out. And then I also wanted to find out what I should do and how to improve it? So it was precisely for a short course, a half-day course. It was exactly what I wanted to be covered step by step for each injury.

Who are the Exercise Rehabilitation Courses For?

  • Fitness Professionals – Those who want to learn more about keeping their clients safe may take this course. It also helps people earn credits towards completing an Exercise Science degree, but it wouldn’t be enough. The exercise rehabilitation course does not teach fitness professionals how to train, advise, or counsel individuals with a chronic disease, nor can it replace consultation from other professional healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and physical therapists.
  • Therapists – The course emphasizes the importance of rehabilitation and exercise in healing. A therapist who completes this course will be well versed in the subject matter and able to prescribe physical activity as part of therapy for their clients.

Upcoming Courses (Next Weekend):

You Can Earn Continuing Fitness Education Credits from These Associations:

  • BCAK
  • CSEP

If your association is not listed, several registrants have petitioned their association and earned CECs for attending the Fitness Education courses.


$65 for each course

** Price increases on Monday **

I do hope to see you at the course. If you are from the UK, Australia, or the southern USA and can’t make it, you can always check out Muscle Imbalances Revealed. You get great info and earn a swack of CECs/CEUs.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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