7 Exercises to Improve Your Squat

Today I got a great video for you.

==>  CLICK HERE to view the 7 Exercises to Improve Your Squat

From the image above you can see I am not doing the video.

It is my friend, Eric Cressey.

Eric is a guy that I listen to and read everything his has when it comes to getting better results out a workout.

Plus his exercises that prepare the body for performance are nothing that I have seen before.

In the video Eric Goes Through:

– Missing piece to your exercise program
– What to do if you have a technique or body preparation issue when it comes to the squat
– How to address a poor squat
– What limitation can lead to a poor squat
– Common mistakes of the squat and what to do about
– What can cause poor squatting
– How quickly you will get results from these quick easy exercises
– An exercise that men need to do and not females
– An exercise to help with thoracic mobility for the squat
– A bunch of exercises that you can do with no equipment to get better results for you and your clients

Some of this is touched on in Muscle Imbalances Revealed but doing these exercises are essential to improve your squat.

Improving the squat is important for you in your workout out, your group fitness class, your bootcamps and in post injury personal training.

Improving your ability in the squat, leads to better results you will get out of your squat when it comes to how much you can lift, better results for your fat loss program and helping with injuries.

Taking a few minutes to do these exercises

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS