What to Do with a Client with Knee Pain?

What to Do with a Client with Knee Pain

Here is another interview from Orange County.

In Orange County, I was at a fitness conference.

The funny thing is you can hear all the planes overhead from the local airport.

In the interview, I am chatting with Rochelle Gravance.

Rochelle is big in knee pain.

It is so great to run into another person that focuses on injuries.

I know one of the big injuries I get are knee injuries.  I know a fair bit about knee pain and injuries but I am always looking for new tips and tricks.  I love hearing what others that specialize in injuries have to say and what is new in the research.  Last week, I reviewed a research article on exercise and patellofemoral pain syndrome, check it out here.

In the video, she talks about a few key tips to remember when training a client with knee pain.

What to Do If you Have a Client with Knee Pain?

Click Here to Hear the Interview on What to Do About a Client with Knee Pain

In the interview, Rochelle goes through:

– what not to do with a knee pain
– what to start off with clients with knee pain
– should you stretch a client with knee pain?
– focus on the area that is tight with knee pain client
– should you focus on the knee or hip exercises?
– what you should not focus on
– what her secret weapon is

I know the interview with Rochelle is short but she says a lot.  The part that I like was the secret weapon she uses for knee pain.  I agree with her.  It is one of my secret weapons as well.

After the interview, Rochelle and I were chatting.

We had never met or chatted but a lot of what we do is focus on addressing muscle imbalances.

So much of what I do and she does it much more than corrective exercise.

In order to address muscle imbalances, there is so much more you need to do than corrective exercise.

Now if you would like another post on the knee, check this one out on Squatting and ACL Injuries.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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