Tom Plummer (Not For People that Have Sensitive Ears)

Tom Plummer (Not For People that Have Sensitive Ears)

Learning is my Drug

I love going to conferences. Learning in conferences is a great way to connect with people in the same field. You will gain a deeper understanding of the topic by paying attention and asking questions. This can be helpful for many reasons, such as helping you find new ways to approach problems or come up with new ways to tackle issues within your field. It can also help you connect with other people by learning about their experiences and expertise. It is essential to take the time to learn from others and build on what you already know.

Once you begin attending and learning at conferences, you will see much more to them than just the presenters. In addition to the opportunity to learn from others, conferences are also great places to connect with people and make new connections. The networking opportunities are endless at conferences. From one-on-one conversations over lunch to meeting potential clients at a happy hour, there are always opportunities at conferences to network.


Learning in Conferences

Conferences are a great place to learn. Learning happens in two ways: first, through the formal presentation of new information, and second, by interacting with other attendees and picking up their knowledge. As a presenter, you are an expert on a topic but also have something to learn. You can learn from your audience by listening to their feedback, questions, and discussion. You can also learn by observing how others present. By watching how other presenters interact with their audiences, you can learn how to improve your presentations.

Learning in conferences is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and get inspired. Similarly, by interacting with other attendees, you can learn new ideas and gain fresh perspectives. By combining formal presentations with informal learning opportunities, conferences provide a great learning experience for attendees of all levels.

Especially if you get a chance to hear some of the leaders and godfathers in the world. (Not sure what the female version of the godfather is.)

learning in conferences with tom plummer

Meeting with Tom Plummer

One of those guys is Tom Plummer. Many of you do not know who Tom is; I will get to that. I was introduced to him while doing my Master of Science in Exercise Science. I was taking a fitness business course. One of the books I had to buy was The Business of Fitness.

I was not expecting much from the book. I was upset because I had to buy five books for the course and was not excited to be reading a book on how to run a fitness business. As I read it, I was taken back. I thought a fitness business was simple, but it is not. 

The guy waiting at the door was Tom Plummer. He didn’t look like the guy in the back of his book. I even asked him who he was. He confirmed with me it was him. Tom helps fitness clubs become successful and profitable. If you plan on teaching a fitness education course, take that as a lesson. Be the person that registrants meet right away.

I don’t know how many associations I am a member of. I just got introduced to NFBA (National Fitness Business Alliance), and the first person I met was Jillian Taylor. She has been great. I got things done fast, with no hastes. Passionate about NFBA and very energetic. All associations need people like Jillian.

learning in conferences jillian nfba

Few things that Tom Said That Rang with Me:

  • Have a Facebook page and FB every day
  • Have a blog and write every day
  • Get on YouTube and do a video every day
  • Do something and start kicking ass
  • Functional is the future
  • You must never stop marketing
  • Have a website with a landing page
  • 50% of your customers will complain if you make a change, even if it is for the good
  • Spend 10% of your budget on marketing
  • Email your customers every Monday night
  • Send good information

This was just a bunch of stuff from the morning. I can’t wait until the afternoon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Tom is not your guy if you are sensitive when people drop the f-bomb, s-bomb, or no-BS presenting.

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