How do I Know if I have a Nightshade Sensitivity?

What do tobacco, eggplants and white potatoes have in common? They’re all nightshade crops. And for an individual with nightshade sensitivities, the produce from these crops can cause serious problems. Nightshade crops are flowering plants. […]

Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

We’ve all heard stories about someone in perfect health that suddenly has a massive heart attack. Is this how it really happens? Or do they have signals that warn them? Let’s take a look at […]

Lentil, Squash & Quinoa Soup

INGREDIENTS 1 cup dried lentils 1 ½ cup squash cubes ¼ cup quinoa 1 carrot 2’’ piece of parsley root 1 parsnip 3 cups vegetable soup 1 heaped tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp ground cumin […]

4 Best Exercises to Ease Knee Pain

I wanted to show you the 4 Best Knee Pain Exercises. 4 Best Knee Pain Exercises CLICK HERE to watch the video. #1 – Lying Single Raises Lie on the floor and straighten out your […]

Healthy Super Bowl BBQ Chicken Wings

Gathering friends and loved ones together to watch the Super Bowl is a time-honored tradition, and as with most celebrations, food plays a pivotal role in the experience. From nachos to pizza and everything in […]

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