Rick’s Random Rambles -7-16-10

Rick’s Random Rambles

It has been a bit of a crazy week. Here are some Random Rambles this week.

I have been in Orange County at a Fitness Conference.  It was a little more than a fitness conference; it was a fitness mastermind group.

After the fitness mastermind in Los Angles, I was off to Seattle for a fitness business conference.  The people presenting were Tom Plummer and Bill Parisi.

I just Marked Her Rotator Cuff exam.

The great thing about scoliosis and rotator cuff manuals that I have written, I have been able to help people with these injuries and fitness professionals better understand these injuries.  These manuals have helped people around the world.  I just sent off a scoliosis manual to Seol, Korea.  How cool is that?

Here are a few kind words from a fitness professional in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, about the Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises.

“Thanks Rick!  Always great to read your manuals though – I find them very thorough and I really like the progression that you write them in – anatomy, purpose of exercising, etc.”

Fiona Yeoman
Wellness trainer, Kinesiologist
Talisman Centre, Calgary

Why People Like the Effective Exercises For Scoliosis

I don’t know if I let you know this, but DSW Fitness carries Effective Exercises For Scoliosis.  It is excellent to think the manual’s information was of quality and met their high standards. 

Here are a few comments students of DSW Fitness have said about the Effective Exercises For Scoliosis.

“I have a few personal training clients who have scoliosis and will apply some of what I have learned into their program design.”

“I found it helpful learning about the different breathing techniques.”

Rick’s Random Rambles on Facebook

I can’t email and blog all the time.

I am always reading about injuries.  A lot of that stuff I put up on Facebook.  I worked hard to put a motivation quote and a great article on injuries that I had read.

This helps a lot of people and fitness professionals.

I just got this posted on Facebook from one of my Facebook Friends:

“Thank you for the info! :0) Before having read this, I was really wanting my two little boys (3 and 4 years old) to participate in sports everyday. Because so many pro athletes has said if kids starts at a young age (like Tiger and the Great One), they would have better chance of being a pro. Hehe! ” – MY

If you want some motivational quotes and more info on injuries.  CLICK HERE to check me out on Facebook.

One Last Note

Here is a fun video from the NFBA conference.

You got to watch it.

How often do you hear an insurance guy singing the gym owner blues?

Thank you for reading my weekly Rick’s Random Rambles blog.

This was fun for me, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises.